Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Manage seasonal business demands with the right battery charging technology


A flexible battery charging process is a must for coping with seasonal fluctuations in workload. Supported by intelligent functions, it can prevent peak currents and improve the utilisation of battery capacity. 
Christmas business, harvest time, production peaks: there are seasonal variations in intralogistics workloads across all industries. Nevertheless, customers expect consistently short lead times at any time of year. Adapting technology and processes to meet seasonal demands is a balancing act for many businesses. Electrically powered forklift trucks are an example of this: when they are used with varying levels of intensity, the demand on their traction batteries also varies. Many battery charging systems do not adapt to these changes, however – with serious consequences for the batteries.
If the charging technology is permanently used at its maximum, it puts the traction battery under unnecessary stress. Charging times are too short, the battery temperature becomes dangerously high and the service life of the battery is reduced. If the battery charging system is simply set for normal operation, the charging times during production peaks are too long and the battery will not be fully charged. Time-consuming battery changes or opportunity charges are then required and the availability of the forklift truck system is reduced.
For this reason, flexibility is also crucial for charging technology: Fronius Selectiva battery charging systems can be easily adapted to various application scenarios using the buttons and the display. This guarantees that the battery will always be charged in the optimum and most economical way. If particularly short charging times or opportunity charges are required during production fluctuations, the devices can be equipped with an optional electrolyte circulation system. This ensures even loading of the plates and optimum capacity utilisation of the battery.
Do you have any questions about our battery charging technology or are you looking for an efficient way to manage seasonal fluctuations in your intralogistics? Our Fronius experts would be happy to help you. 

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