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Perfect Charging

Optimising processes for an efficient intralogistics system


Operating an electric forklift truck fleet in an energy- and cost-efficient manner, whilst maintaining maximum availability is often a huge challenge. There are often several types of forklift truck in operation, and therefore various types of battery with different voltages and capacities. The capacity utilisation fluctuates depending on the season or order situation and charging times that are irregular or too short have a negative impact on the service life of the expensive traction batteries. Only those who consistently optimise all processes in their intralogistics system with regard to the relevant application will avoid unnecessary operation, maintenance and servicing costs for their forklift truck system.
Fronius Perfect Charging is your expert partner for this task. We work with you to identify the perfect solution to supply your fleet with energy quickly, efficiently, reliably and economically. With their innovative Ri charging process, individual characteristics and intelligent functions, our Selectiva battery charging systems ensure that you have the flexibility to charge different types of battery with just one device. At the same time, you reduce energy consumption and extend the service life of the batteries. Furthermore, our Selectiva battery charging systems have a range of features that generate substantial added value for you in ongoing operation. 
Combined with our comprehensive advisory and support services, we optimise your processes sustainably. In doing so, we think about tomorrow today and show you the future options for your fleet. You will find examples of this on our website: amongst other things, you benefit from reduced charging times for your batteries, avoid opportunity charging and get tips on how you can prevent operating faults. This ensures smooth intralogistics processes and saves time and money. Are you curious to find out more? Why not take a look now?

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