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Perfect Charging

Lithium-ion solutions from Fronius

The role of lithium-ion technology (Li-ion) in intralogistics is becoming increasingly important – with good reason: lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, have a long service life, are maintenance-free, extremely energy-efficient and have an impressive charging time of just a few minutes. All major forklift truck manufacturers now offer models with a lithium-ion battery. As a pioneer and the innovation leader, Fronius is a key player in the development of this forward-looking technology. Our Selectiva battery charging systems can already be upgraded for operation with lithium-ion batteries by a simple software update.

How lithium-ion technology works

The movement of the lithium ions in a lithium-ion battery produces an electromotive force, which can be used to drive forklift trucks, for instance. During charging, the ions move from the positive to the negative electrode of the battery and remain stored there until the user discharges the battery again. Li-ion energy systems are completely maintenance-free and have zero emissions. In contrast to the classic lead battery, users do not have to top them up with water, measure the acid density or clean the battery.

The negative electrode is generally made from graphite. However, forklift truck manufacturers are increasingly opting for special lithium battery technologies that use a combination of nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide, sulphur, air and in particular iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as electrode materials. These have an impressively high output and low weight, are non-flammable and enjoy optimum explosion protection, even in extreme conditions.

Your benefits with li-ion technology

Lithium-ion devices have a far longer service life than a lead battery. The number of charging cycles and depth of discharge are also better than for lead batteries. The lightweight and compact design of the lithium-ion solutions makes them extremely flexible in where they can be deployed. As much as 30% of the energy consumption can be saved compared to a lead-acid battery. Other advantages include quick and easy opportunity charging and the absence of the memory effect. The safety of lithium-ion technology is also convincing: when a lead battery is being charged, hydrogen escapes and this is highly explosive in combination with oxygen, whereas li-ion batteries do not produce any dangerous gases. If you compare the operating costs of the two drive systems in terms of energy, maintenance, inspection, water, battery handling, battery changing and opportunity charging, you can reduce your expenditure by more than half with lithium-ion technology.

Efficient charging with Fronius li-ion batteries

Fronius Selectiva battery charging systems in the 2 kW to 16 kW power categories are already “lithium-ion ready” and can be effortlessly converted for use with lithium-ion batteries via a USB port. This allows you to fully charge your traction batteries in an especially energy-efficient manner within just a few minutes; something which takes hours for lead batteries. Several short charging processes throughout the day are thus possible. Their rapid charging ability means that lithium-ion batteries are almost always ready for use, optimising the availability of your fleet. There are no more complicated battery changes, nor any need to set up battery charging rooms, something that is often a legal requirement when working with lead batteries. Not only can you save on expenditure, but also on time and space.

Unlimited welding mobility thanks to lithium-ion technology

Fronius power sources for welding applications also rely on lithium-ion technology. The AccuPocket is the world's first-ever MMA welding system with a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a low overall weight, giving users an unprecedented freedom of movement in manual metal arc and TIG welding. The ActiveCharger battery charging system, which is tailored to the specific requirements of the AccuPocket, is based on proven Active Inverter Technology. An intelligent control system with AccuBoost technology ensures that the battery and the welding electronics work together in perfect harmony.

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