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Perfect Charging

Your optimum power supply in the showroom

The high number of electronic systems in modern vehicles also presents a challenge during vehicle demonstrations and the handover of new vehicles. Customers want to be able to test all the functions of the vehicle at any time, without taking into account the capacity of the starter battery. With this in mind, Fronius offers battery charging systems specifically tailored to the requirements of the showroom. These devices always guarantee a reliable power supply, avoiding charging and discharging cycles and preserving battery capacity.

Battery maintenance in the showroom

Optimum battery maintenance in the showroom

You are about to demonstrate the many functionalities of your customer’s dream car in the showroom, but the batteries are suddenly empty and nothing is working. This situation is occurring more and more frequently, particularly in vehicles with modern electrical systems. The reason: battery self-discharge coupled with increasing energy requirements for vehicles. Modern vehicles are being equipped with an increasing number of electronic components, and although these ensure greater safety, increased comfort and reduced fuel consumption, they also require more energy. Since the engine is not normally started in the showroom, the battery delivers the energy required for a vehicle demonstration. If recharging is not performed promptly, the battery will continue to discharge and will become increasingly sulphated. Should a vehicle be delivered with a battery damaged in this way, high repair costs can be incurred, and in the worst-case scenario, the entire battery must be replaced. This is not only costly, but also reduces customer satisfaction.


Regular battery maintenance using intelligent charging technology from Fronius can help to minimise failures and damage to batteries, as well as optimise the availability and service life of the batteries significantly.

Trouble-free vehicle presentations

Demonstrating new vehicle models attracts a high level of interest and fills showrooms. This means that customers will be examining your vehicles closely, the main focus being on technical innovations. However, even in mid-range vehicles, the energy requirements of the electronic components are enormous. Just opening the car doors “awakens” various control units from their standby mode and a current of up to 45 A can flow for several minutes. The automatic opening and closing of the boot usually requires between 30 and 50 A. A detailed vehicle presentation can overload the vehicle electronics, causing the battery voltage to sink rapidly to below 12.2 volts. At this point, individual systems in the vehicle electronics will start to switch off automatically.

To avoid such situations, Fronius Perfect Charging has developed the Acctiva Seller, a battery charging system for starter batteries that has been tailored specifically to the requirements of the showroom. A reliable power supply of up to 30 A is guaranteed during the vehicle demonstration and specially developed software eliminates charging and discharging cycles, thereby protecting the battery. The compact dimensions and user-friendliness ensure smooth operation of the device. The battery charging system also features plug-in charging and mains cables, which can be guided through the smallest openings in the engine compartment or boot. The device itself will remain unnoticed by your customers. The product has been designed for silent operation, allowing an undisturbed and successful vehicle presentation.

Power supply during vehicle presentations and premieres

Vehicle premieres and presentations present a particular challenge. Countless presentations are held with minimal notice and often take place on several days. The main focus of these presentations is to highlight the technical innovations. Not only does this increase the interest from visitors, it also means the vehicles consume more energy.

This is where the Fronius Acctiva Seller battery charging system comes into its own. The power supply is based on Active Inverter Technology developed by Fronius. This special software eliminates charging and discharging cycles, thus preserving the capacity of the starter batteries. The device is equipped with short-circuit protection, electronic reverse polarity protection, a safety cut-out as well as thermal overload protection, ensuring maximum safety for the vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery. The Acctiva Seller is also extremely energy-efficient and boasts an efficiency level of 96 percent.

Power supply when handing over new vehicles to customers

When handing over a new car, you need to give the buyer a thorough explanation of all the vehicle’s functions. This may take several hours, especially if the new owner is not familiar with the specific brand’s system. The energy source during this time is usually the battery. Unless the battery has been connected to a battery charging system, the customer will be driving off the forecourt with a depleted battery.

For this reason, Fronius has developed the Acctiva Professional Flash battery charging system. The system compensates for increased energy consumption during the demonstration, whilst supplying the battery with power at the same time. Thanks to Acctiva Professional Flash, the starting capability of the battery is restored in just a few minutes, allowing your customer to leave the dealership with a fully-charged battery.

Power supply at exhibitions and trade fairs

In the automotive trade, participation in external advertising campaigns is an essential part of sales activities, be it in pedestrian zones, at events or at automotive trade fairs. If the vehicle presentation is taking place indoors in buildings or exhibition halls, certain legal provisions apply: often the vehicle battery has to be disconnected or, in some cases, the oil even has to be drained. The energy requirements of the vehicle electronics are extremely high during these events.

Fronius offers compact and powerful battery charging systems for starter batteries that guarantee a constant and reliable power supply. This prevents a drop in battery voltage and stops individual systems shutting off automatically or ceasing to function. Vehicles that can no longer be started at the end of an event are therefore a thing of the past.

Battery maintenance for used vehicles

When vehicles go unused for long periods of time, the batteries will self-discharge and ultimately become damaged. The effect of the weather on cars left in the open only serves to exacerbate the problem. Regular battery maintenance is essential to ensure that your vehicles run smoothly during spontaneous vehicle presentations or test drives. Fronius Acctiva battery charging systems can help to conserve the battery charge over the long-term. Battery charging systems with a refresh mode even reduce device sulphation and assist in reactivating deep-discharged batteries.

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