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OUR THREE Business Units

As the global technology leader, at Fronius we concentrate our skills in our three Business Units: Perfect Charging, Perfect Welding and Solar Energy. These three Business Units unite around a single passion: delivering innovation after innovation to shift the limits of what's possible. Whether in welding technology, photovoltaics or battery charging technology – each one of our Business Units stands for ground-breaking developments that astound users the world over through their efficiency and unbeatable quality. But don't simply take our word for it. Our products and solutions are regularly awarded numerous prizes on both a national and international level.


Perfect Charging is the oldest of the three Fronius Business Units. Ever since we were founded in 1945, we have been working with battery charging technology as we develop battery charging systems for starter and traction batteries. The innovative range of products and services from the Business Unit Perfect Charging allows us to deliver impressive levels of performance, efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability. Be it for the operation of electrically powered forklift trucks in intralogistics, or a reliable power supply for starter batteries of vehicles in production plants, showrooms and workshops: Fronius technology ensures maximum availability of your vehicles, significantly lower operating costs and a longer service life for batteries in numerous applications around the world.

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Fronius and the Business Unit Perfect Welding have been developing welding technologies and system solutions for arc welding and resistance spot welding since 1950 and have pushed forward the rate of progress in the welding technology sector in leaps and bounds. Today we are the global technology leader in the arc welding technology segment. With our innovative developments we have made applications possible that others had written off as unachievable, such as the thermal joining of steel and aluminium. The range of products offered by the Business Unit Perfect Welding includes manual and automatic power sources and complete systems as well as the related services.

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Solar Energy is the youngest of the three Fronius Business Units and has been producing innovative solutions for the photovoltaics industry since 1992. As the solar pioneer and with our “24 hours of sun” vision, we are making a significant contribution to the energy revolution. It is our goal to realise a future in which 100% of the world's energy needs are satisfied through renewable sources. To make this vision a reality, the Solar Energy Business Units offers a wide product range for the generation, storage, distribution and consumption of solar energy. This not only includes inverters, storage units, meters and energy monitoring systems, but also complete system solutions and a comprehensive range of services. To the Solar Energy Business Unit