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Which manufacturer to choose when purchasing a PV system? Finding your way through the jungle of suppliers can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. To make the decision easier, we have compiled the top 24 reasons why Fronius is a good choice for the year 2024 on one website. We share the first eight with you here.
The solar year 2024 has begun. Join us in celebrating the number 24 - with our vision of 24 hours for a world powered completely by renewable energy. And with our future-ready Fronius GEN24 inverter, which will be available to even more countries and people before the end of the year, generating solar power and a love of life.

Why Fronius? Join us …

... and let our 24 reasons convince you that Fronius is the right choice for your solar power projects. The first set of reasons is available here.

This set already includes a few answers to the question of why we are among the best on the solar market. In particular, the first eight reasons look at our manufacturing, where we create a future worth living for future generations by acting with the future in mind. Among other things, we achieve this by making responsible use of our resources and choosing the right suppliers, 95% of whom come from Europe. Having expanded our manufacturing capacities in 2023, we are able to produce enough inverters to really boost the energy transition and meet demand for our products under any circumstances. How does this benefit our customers? As a solar pioneer, we can draw on decades of experience and sophisticated technologies that enable us to produce high-quality products. This goes hand in hand with a long service life and huge cost savings for solar power producers. Because the sun won’t be sending an invoice in the future either. Last but not least, our products deliver on what they promise. This is confirmed by independent test institutes. We do everything we can every day to meet strict environmental standards and ensure fair working conditions.

This is just the beginning. The two other sets of good reasons to choose Fronius will be following with a few months in between.



Click here to discover the first eight of a total 24 reasons why Fronius is the right choice for your solar power project. You can also visit our website to find answers to your questions about our vision of 24 hours of sun and details on our webinars, should you be interested in learning more about photovoltaics and Fronius.


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