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About us

Sustainably secure with Fronius


4/25/2023 / Austria

Our high standards for security and quality protect our customers and their data – and also give Fronius a major competitive edge

The digitalization and networking of data and processes has become essential for industry and businesses as well as in the private sector. Information about and for users needs to be available at all times and everywhere, but at the same time needs maximum protection from security risks – a challenge we meet in compliance with the strictest security guidelines. This makes information security and data protection top priorities at Fronius, for internal business processes and data processing as well as for our products. A variety of measures are used in our data processing – all state of the art – depending on the protection classification and the associated security risk.

Server in Austria, cloud computing in Europe

As in our production, we are also committed here to European standards and our data is backed up on our own Fronius servers directly at our Austrian locations or in local data centers near them. We rely on state-of-the-art solutions for networking and data transfer, and use Microsoft cloud computing for this purpose, which also processes the data in Europe.  

Fronius ensures comprehensive data protection with extended security measures. For example, customer and system data from Fronius Solar.web are always stored separately. User data is stored exclusively on our servers in Austria, while system data is stored on European servers. Thanks to this data separation, the entire scope of information cannot be immediately accessed in the event of a possible cyber attack – an essential protective measure that provides further security.   

Security by design – from the start 

Safety is a top priority for us and is taken into account during the development process as well as integrated into the complete life cycle of our products. In line with our concepts for “security by design” and “security by default,” we ensure that our systems are designed from the outset to be as free as possible from security vulnerabilities and are resilient against attacks, offering users maximum peace of mind. To achieve this we employ things like encryption and authentication, and we ensure individual security-relevant areas are isolated.

The policy for software development at Fronius includes training in secure coding as well as regular security audits and comprehensive security tests (penetration tests) by renowned and independent providers.    

Committed to responsible business practices

To protect both our customers and our company, Fronius has implemented secure procedures and scenarios for action that ensure careful review of existing processes and for the introduction of new software tools or order processing contracts – as well as for the fulfillment of data subject rights.
Level-based access methods ensure that Fronius Solar.web users can only use the applications and access data  they are authorized to use. This also applies to our employees at Fronius: only trained and authorized individuals are allowed to access the relevant systems and view the data

In addition, we only work with cooperation partners – such as local software developers – who fully comply with our strict security requirements and thus guarantee that all processed data is in equally safe hands with them. 

High safety standards officially certified 

How can we best protect our systems from attacks or threats on the Internet? What measures are needed to achieve this? Fronius has its own team  of experts who deal with these and many other questions. The aim here is to maintain and continuously improve the security of our IT infrastructure as well as that of our products and digital services. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides the basis for this and serves as a long-term focus of our activities. 

The Information Security Management System at Fronius was certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001 in late September 2022. This means that the high information security standards in our IT and development processes have been inspected in detail and officially verified by two external ISMS auditors. This distinction confirms the careful attention paid to IT and data security at Fronius and, due to the far-reaching implications, gives our company a major competitive advantage. 

The software for our products and solutions, as well as the general information infrastructure at Fronius, is not only securely designed and implemented but is also regularly reviewed and improved – as confirmed by the ISO 27001 certification. 

Awareness as a key factor

Preparation is essential, so potential solutions and security measures used in the event of an actual cyber attack at Fronius are documented as well as officially audited and certified. Fronius not only complies with the applicable safety standards and norms but is also working proactively to meet additional standards that are not currently required but are expected to become requirements at a later date. 

How cybercrime attacks work and how to recognize suspicious links or phishing e-mails is the subject of regularly recurring, mandatory training and campaigns for cybercrime awareness and data protection for  all Fronius employees. This enables us to achieve awareness of how to best protect ourselves from cybercrime in both professional and private settings – because safety always starts with personal behavior.


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