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Repowering with Fronius


3/18/2024 / United States
Fronius USA - Portage, Indiana.

Over time, all power electronics can show signs of age. Through efficient repowering, you can replace damaged or out-of-warranty devices with a Fronius inverter, modernizing your PV system so it can operate at full capacity. 
Why should you consider repowering?

If you have a dated photovoltaic system with a string inverter, there may be an opportunity to utilize the compatibility of Fronius inverters to retrofit your system and restore it back to full power.  Whether your current inverter is older and not performing at the highest efficiency, or is out of warranty, defective or costly to repair, repowering with Fronius may be the option for you. 

Why use Fronius to repower?

There are many reasons Fronius string inverters are a perfect choice for repowering a solar system.  Along with Fronius’ long history of solar innovations, quality manufacturing and sustainable practices, our string inverters come with easy compatibility, up-to-date technology, and the durability you can trust.

  • Compatibility
  • Our product portfolio allows you to repower residential and commercial Fronius devices, or inverters from other manufacturers, with little to no modifications to the system. Fronius inverters feature a variety of open interfaces, guaranteeing effortless connection to third-party components.
  • Technology
  • Fronius inverters are equipped standard with technologies to optimize design possibilities, maximize yield in shaded conditions, and troubleshoot remotely. They can be accurately monitored with our state-of-the-art Fronius Solar.web mobile app, and are easily scalable for future growing energy needs.
  • Durability
  • Along with ease of replacement, you also gain a quality product that has met and exceeded meticulous testing so you can trust the components and electronics over the lifetime of your solar system.
How does this benefit you?

Homeowners and businesses that have an existing PV system are finding value in upgrading to a new Fronius inverter that comes backed with a 10-year warranty and higher efficiency results.  Not only do these new inverters provide the homeowner or business a peace of mind warranty, but you also gain an upgraded system with monitoring capabilities using state-of-the-art tools that may not have been available with their older or existing inverter, such as mobile apps.

New Inverter. New Warranty.

If your system is dated or out-of-warranty, repowering with a Fronius inverter not only gets your system back up and running in no time, it also gives you peace of mind with our standard 10-year warranty. Make sure your inverter’s serial number is registered in Fronius Solar.web so your warranty starts on the day of installation.

Do Fronius inverters comply with my local requirements?

Typically, older photovoltaic systems, even if out of date, can be grandfathered in to your locality’s legacy codes and standards. This means that new devices that may not meet current requirements could replace older or damaged units and still be in compliance. As with any retrofit or replacement, it is important to check with your local or state government’s AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) to ensure proper regulations and procedures when repowering your PV system.  

Ask your solar technician about repowering with Fronius.

Repowering is made easy at Your solar technician can simply enter your country, inverter manufacturer and model you are looking to replace and our online tool will suggest a Fronius inverter compatible with your PV system. The tool is free of charge and works on any device, be it smartphone, tablet, or PC. As each individual system and installation is different, we recommend that they also utilize our Technical Support and Sales teams as resources to ensure compatibility at and