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Fronius warranties

Whatever the future may hold, with a Fronius product, PV system owners are well equipped to meet the requirements of tomorrow – and that’s a promise. A Fronius warranty is backed by a stable family-run business with over 25 years of experience in the solar sector, as well as the outstanding quality of our Fronius Support team.

Fronius inverters in the US come with a 10-year warranty. Download the Terms of Warranty here.

Warranty extensions for greater protection

Reliability, a long service life and sustainability play a crucial role for PV system owners – just like they do for Fronius.

Which is why we are offering you the opportunity to extend the warranty to up to 20 years. System owners thereby benefit from the unrivalled high-quality service of our Fronius Support team well into the future.

The advantages of a warranty extension for you:

    Claims are handled directly by the installer and Fronius. You don’t need to make any advance payments.
    We assign the warranty extension to the unique serial number of your device and issue you with a warranty certificate, which can be downloaded from Fronius Solar.web at any time. The warranty automatically covers original spare parts and replacement devices.
    The length of the warranty period can be adapted to suit individual requirements: you can purchase extended warranties for up to 20 years.

Fronius warranty extension

The Fronius Warranty Extension is a cost-effective way for system owners to protect themselves against risks. If a claim is made, Fronius will provide the relevant materials; the warranty holder does not have to pay for the replacement part.


Fronius warranty extension plus

The Fronius Warranty Extension Plus provides you with comprehensive coverage. If a claim is made, in addition to the material costs, we cover labor costs for removing and installing the replacement part as well as any transportation costs.


Register your inverter on Solar.web!

When you register your product, you will:

  • Be able to update the warranty start date to the inverter installation date, effectively resetting it to start on its installation date, and therefore getting the full 10 years of your warranty.
  • Download a warranty certificate for your inverter.
  • Get quicker support for your registered inverter.

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