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Have you registered your Fronius inverter yet?

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9/9/2022 / United States

Have you registered your Fronius solar inverter? If you haven't, you might be missing more than a few months out of your ten-year warranty! Yes, you read that right, many warranties start running when they are shipped to the wholesale warehouse. But no worries, you may still have time to register it.

Warranty certificate
Warranty certificate

If your inverter was dispatched from the Fronius factory less than 30 months ago, you may still register your inverter at Fronius Solar.web. Simply enter the serial number, installation date, and with that your warranty will be effectively resetting its start date, so you and your customers can enjoy the Fronius full ten-year warranty. 

Moreover, having your inverter registered will streamline access to support systems and troubleshooting if you ever need them.

Here's how:

1. Go to and log in. If you don't have an account, create one to register.
2. Once you have logged on to Solar.web, click on ‘Product Registration’ in the top right corner.
3. If your system is online on Solar.web, the system information may be autopopulated on this page. Otherwise, click on "Register product".
4. Enter the 8-digit serial number of your Fronius inverter, installation date, country of installation, and your installer’s name. Click "Register".

Remember, entering the installation date automatically updates the warranty start date in our system after finishing the registration. You can also register multiple inverters in one session with the “Apply for another” button.

Once registration is complete, you will see the items listed. If they are online on Solar.web, they will show the name of their site, if they are not, they will be noted as not assigned to a Fronius Solar.web system. The updated warranty certificate can be downloaded once registration is complete.

Register your solar inverter today!