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Meet the Fronius USA Service & Repair Center


2/28/2022 / United States

Let's face it. Solar inverters can break or wear out over time, just like any other power electronic device. Therefore, a reliable service and repair solution by the manufacturer is crucial for the long-term performance of a solar system.

That's why Fronius USA has a local technical support hotline and a fully equipped Service & Repair Center based in Portage, Indiana. These local resources enable Fronius to provide quick service and support to customers.  

Technician examining electronics
Technician examining electronics
The people
 A total of 28 qualified technicians work at the national Service & Repair Center of Fronius, where they repair solar inverters in two shifts, processing hundreds of inverters a month. Four service representatives in the back-office handle associated paperwork and ensure smooth communication with customers throughout the process.  

When an inverter arrives, Fronius staff checks and matches the serial number with the service case number. After a technical evaluation, the technician repairs the unit and tests it on a final testing system before workers repackage the inverter.

"We follow the same processes from our production lines, which allows us short processing times and highest quality standards," explains the Head of Repair Center, Siegfried Schmid.
"The turnaround time from the arrival of an inverter until it is ready to ship is typically 24 hours".

Inverters built to last

The main repair volume comes from legacy inverters, such as the Fronius IG and the Fronius IG Plus inverters. Fronius launched the first inverters in the US almost 20 years ago and can still service and repair them, with many still under warranty.

"We have a long-term commitment to our products and offer repairs for a long time after we stopped producing a product line," Schmid says.

Component availability

To ensure the availability of components over that long period, Fronius also repairs printed circuit boards (PCB). These repairs create a pool of spare parts for the long term, even when components, such as microchips or capacitors, are no longer available from their original suppliers.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

A significant reason for Fronius' intense focus on repairs is sustainability. By repairing even the oldest products, Fronius shows long-term customer support and reduces the amount of waste. "Reduce, reuse, recycle" is a mantra Fronius lives in every aspect. 

Everything that Fronius cannot repair or reuse gets recycled. Scrap materials such as electronic waste, copper, wires, or plastic go to professional recyclers. "We work with recycling specialists who help us recycle all our different kinds of metals, plastics, and other materials to a high degree," Schmid explains. "Your next aluminum foil might be a recycled Fronius product." All these efforts show in the numbers: Fronius USA has achieved an 80% recycling rate and keeps working towards 100%. On the other hand, customers experience excellent service over decades and get assurance that they partner with a company that combines sustainability, quality, and customer service.

"The best compliment is when customers ask us to repair our competitors' products," Schmid proudly says. "This shows us high customer satisfaction and an outstanding service level." 

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