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Meet the Fronius USA Technical Support Team


4/22/2022 / United States
"A friend in need is a friend indeed", the famous saying goes, and one might also say that a service technician in need is a friend indeed. This is certainly true for the Fronius technical support team, where over 10 techs are helping customers every day, answering their questions about solar basics, product features, system design, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, warranty, and more.
Fronius USA Tech Support Team
Fronius USA Tech Support Team

The entire team is based in Portage, Indiana, and is available from 8AM to 7PM Central time. "With our centralized team and the proper infrastructure, such as our own system and a lab, we can satisfy all customer needs", explains Justina Payne, head of technical support at Fronius USA.  

When a customer calls our hotline, a technician will pick up within minutes and is ready to answer technical questions. This means that callers do not have to talk to an admin person before getting to the actual technician. "At the beginning of a call, we make sure that a customer is in our system and quickly open a service case. Then we immediately get to the customer's question", Payne explains. After the call, the customer receives an email with the service case number for future reference and contact information for any follow-up questions. If the initial technician is not able to answer a question, second-tier support from our application engineers can help further. For extremely special cases, colleagues from Fronius International offer third-tier support.

Speed matters in technical support, as end-customers can be very sensitive about inverters being down. To resolve issues quickly, we maintain short wait times on our hotline, provide fast answers, and offer a paperless Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. "We want the experience to be frictionless", Payne says. "Our customers also tell us regularly that they appreciate the pleasant attitude and rich knowledge of our team", Payne says.  

What sets our support apart from others in the industry is the holistic view on the entire system. "We always look for the root cause of a problem and go beyond the inverter for troubleshooting as opposed to simply exchanging the inverter right away. Often the root cause lies in other parts of the system". This holistic approach helps customers fix issues for good.

Over time, the team has seen a thing or two. End-customers regularly call in with all sorts of questions, and the team is happy to explain how solar works, e.g., why the inverter is showing a "low power" code when the solar modules are covered in inches of snow. "We try to answer any question and give every caller a good answer with next steps for their situation", Payne concludes. Through a voluntary customer satisfaction survey at the end of each call, the Tech Support team makes sure to consistently maintain high standards. "The satisfaction of our customers is what really counts at the end", Payne concludes.

Technical Support is available at (219) 734-5500 or
For 24/7 support, we also offer the online support tool Fronius SOS at