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Repowering with Fronius


3/18/2024 / United States
Fronius USA - Portage, Indiana.

Over time, all power electronics can show signs of age. Through efficient repowering, you can replace damaged or out-of-warranty devices with a Fronius inverter, modernizing your customer’s PV system so it can operate at full capacity. 
Why should you promote repowering to your customers?

If your customer has a dated photovoltaic system with a string inverter, there may be an opportunity to utilize the compatibility of Fronius inverters to retrofit their system and restore it back to full power.  Whether their inverter is older and not performing at the highest efficiency, or is out of warranty and costly to repair, repowering with Fronius may be the option for them. 

Why use Fronius to repower?

There are many reasons Fronius string inverters are a perfect choice for repowering a solar system.  Along with Fronius’ long history of solar innovations, quality manufacturing and sustainable practices, our string inverters come with easy compatibility, up-to-date technology, and the durability your customer can trust.

  • Compatibility
  • Our product portfolio allows you to repower single and three-phase Fronius devices, or inverters from other manufacturers, with little to no modifications to the system. Fronius inverters feature a variety of open interfaces such as SunSpec Modbus TCP and RTU, guaranteeing effortless connection to third-party components.
  • Technology
  • Fronius inverters are equipped standard with 2 MPPTs, SuperFlex Design and Dynamic Peak Manager for shade control. Your customer also gains the ability to accurately monitor their PV system with our state-of-the-art Fronius Solar.web mobile app. With a Fronius Smart Meter WR installed, they can see their production and consumption, and with Solar.web Premium, you can prepare yield and cost analysis of their system.  These technologies also make Fronius inverters easily scalable for future growing energy needs.
  • Durability
  • Along with ease of replacement, your customers also gain a quality product that has met and exceeded meticulous testing so they can trust the components and electronics over the lifetime of the system.
How does this benefit installers?

With solar inverters being a critical component for system performance, installers can engage with their existing customer base, generating new business while keeping their customers’ satisfaction high.  Furthermore, new revenue streams can be created by servicing orphaned systems, where the original installer or inverter brand no longer exists. This new revenue stream allows installers to offset decreasing revenues if they are experiencing a decline in new installations.  The Fronius Repowering Tool makes it easier for solar installers to find the proper replacement inverter, no matter if the old inverter is from Fronius or another manufacturer.

New Inverter. New Warranty.

If a PV system is dated or out-of-warranty, repowering with a Fronius inverter not only gets the system back up and running in no time, it also gives your customers peace of mind with our standard 10-year warranty. Make sure each inverter’s serial number is registered in Fronius Solar.web so their warranty starts on the day of installation.

Do Fronius inverters comply with all local requirements?

Typically, older photovoltaic systems, even if out of date, can be grandfathered in to the locality’s legacy codes and standards. This means that new devices that may not meet current requirements could replace older or damaged units and still be in compliance. As with any retrofit or replacement, it is important to check with local or state government's AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) to ensure proper regulations and procedures when repowering any PV system.

Start Repowering: Fronius Online Repowering Tool

Fronius‘ newly introduced Repowering tool enables solar installers to offer their customers repowering options for their photovoltaic system, regardless of the inverter brand used in the original system.  Repowering is usually a performance-related replacement of inverters that are out of warranty, but may also occur if an older inverter model is no longer available or spare parts do not exist. With Fronius Repowering, residential and commercial solar installers can: ·        

Use this tool FREE of charge on any device including smartphone, tablet, or PC.

  • Find Fronius products at their fingertips: retrofit options are provided by filling out the current inverter brand and model for finding a proper replacement to: help maximize performance and efficiency of the system.
  • Get product solutions for older or discontinued and orphaned inverters.
  • Get a link instantly to datasheets.
  • Quickly get started on their next repowering project - only a Solar.web account is required to use this free tool at 

”We are very pleased to announce that the Fronius Repowering tool is available in the United States. By offering this digital tool to PV installers free of charge, we’re helping them gain more business with compatible retrofit inverter replacement details,” says Richard Baldinger, Director of Solar Sales & Marketing at Fronius USA.  “This gives PV installers looking for new revenue streams a great opportunity – especially in states like California, where many solar systems exist, and the number of new installations is currently going down,” adds Baldinger.