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Solar in the palm of your hand


11/15/2021 / USA

"There's an app for that" is a phrase we regularly hear these days, and as the trend of digitization is only accelerating, the generalized statement becomes truer every year. The integration of hardware and software, based on easy-to-use mobile apps, creates more convenient processes, provides insights, and helps users interact more meaningful with all the devices in our lives.

Monitor your energy production and consumption from your favorite device

In this context, at Fronius we reinvented inverter start-up, monitoring, and after-sales support with the latest generations of inverters and software platforms. This reinvention has resulted in three new apps for installers, service technicians, and consumers. To make it easy and give each target group a user-friendly, straightforward solution, we developed a suite of three mobile apps specialized in the user's job to do. Putting solar in the palm of your hand, you can perform your job wherever you are.

Solar.start app
Three steps and the inverter is up and running  
Starting up all Fronius inverters is a breeze with the Solar.start app. The installer connects to the internet in just three steps, configures the device, and adds the system into the Solar.web online portal. The process is quick and provides a beautiful and intuitive user interface. The app also conveniently links to useful platforms such as Solar.web or Solar.SOS.  

Solar.web app

Keeping an eye on your PV system  

The Solar.web allows installers and consumers to keep an eye on their PV system no matter where they are. The app visualizes the solar system's energy flows, production, and consumption to provide insight into the performance and efficiency of the system. Notifications tell system owners in case the system needs special attention. By comparing self-consumption and the degree of self-sufficiency, system owners can see the impact their solar system has, as well as how much money and CO2 they are saving. With this app, PV system owners hold 24 hours of sun in their hands.

Solar.SOS app

For even faster service  

On-site troubleshooting got much easier with the comprehensive Solar.SOS online service tool and the Solar.SOS app. Service technicians enter the serial number and the state code shown on their smartphone or laptop, and the repair instructions appear immediately. Technicians can also access technical videos, Installation Instructions, and Operating Instructions for all Fronius devices. Should it be necessary to repair or replace individual components, this can be set up directly over the Solar.SOS app, without queues or phone charges. These features help save valuable time and put systems back online quickly, to the satisfaction of both technician and system owner.   

The technical support team is still on hand to help and advice, of course, first via the support hotline during regular business hours and secondly via the new messaging function in the app that is ready to help 24/7.    


The new Fronius apps are available from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.