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New Hampshire

New Hampshire
Greg Blake, Owner of South Pack Solar, says they choose Fronius exclusively for all of their string inverter projects.
This is built with 4 strings of 12 going to the 4 MPPT channels of the 2 Primo 8.2-1’s and 1 string of 6 going to the Galvo 2.0-1. All strings are brought to the combiner to the left of the inverters, to the fused string output box to the right and then to the inverters to ease future troubleshooting and maintenance. „We are using the New Hampshire Group Net Metering law that allows the proceeds from this barn system’s excess production to be used to pay for the electricity cost of the owners‘ other properties,“ said Blake.

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Installation data

Size of installation 17.55 kW
Purpose, system type Commercial building
Inverter Fronius Primo 8.2-1, Fronius Galvo 2.0-1
Modules 54 325 watt Solar World Mono‘s; 3 roof and 3 wall