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No roof left behind Fronius Superflex Design

Design flexibility redefined 

Fronius SuperFlex Design gives you the ability to choose a string inverter for any application: from small single-phase residential systems to large three-phase commercial systems, from multiple roof angles to specific module counts for carports and trackers. Once you have learned how to design with one Fronius inverter, designing with the rest of the product line will be intuitive thanks to a similar design philosophy.

With Fronius SuperFlex Design, you can design systems from incredibly low start-up voltages (as low as 80V or three modules) all the way up to the maximum DC voltage allowed by the code. An example would be the Fronius Primo single-phase inverter, which can handle up to 1,000V in non-residential systems. This allows for a maximum number of modules in one string and reduces balance of system costs.


Multiple power point trackers (MPPT) allow for different module orientations or tilts, no matter if it’s a simple east/west design with two symmetric arrays, an asymmetric design with a small sub-array, or a partially shaded system. Simply split the system among the independent trackers as needed, from a 50/50 split all the way to a 33/66 split.

The combination of wide voltage windows for various string lengths, multiple trackers for both symmetric and asymmetric designs, and a wide range of power classes make Fronius SnapINverter super-flexible, making them the solution for any system.

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