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Fair Magazine Schweißen & Schneiden 2023

Fronius VSP: How we have global customer proximity down to a fine art


Fronius is passionate about welding. To ensure the customer enjoys the finest benefits with the highest levels of satisfaction, we have always made it our mission—in the spirit of technology leadership—to meet the highest quality requirements. But in terms of customer service and support too, we have steadily evolved over decades into a first-class provider. Responsible for this is our VSP (German abbreviation for “sales and service process”), which has been a tradition at Fronius for 25 years and cannot be found anywhere else in the welding technology sector.

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Virtual welding: new training prospects


The welding industry is facing a problem: even companies whose primary task is welding are unable to escape the clear shortage of skilled workers in every area. Furthermore, the challenging combination of metallurgy, physics, and electrical engineering is accompanied by certain dangers that could act to deter potential young welders from joining the industry. Taking a look through the augmented reality glasses of our new Welducation Simulator may provide the answer to both issues, while also protecting the environment.

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Answers to the skills shortage – Harald Langeder joins us for a chat


Harald Langeder has been a firm fixture at Fronius for more than 30 years. As Chief Technology Officer, he is a member of the Management Board, so not only did he witness the dynamic growth in recent years, he also played a role in its development. In his dual role as Global Director Research & Development, he is also responsible for the fate of what he calls his “home port” in the Business Unit Perfect Welding. Langeder is particularly concerned about the shortage of skilled workers and how Fronius Perfect Welding intends to address this in the future.

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How broad the range of objects that welded art can create is exemplified by Rich Baker, Jordí Diez Fernandez, and Andrea Stahl—three creatives who have dedicated themselves to the world of sculptural metalwork and forged careers for themselves from their passion.

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Sustainability at Fronius


We believe that sustainable products can only be produced by a company in which the concept of sustainability is firmly established in all areas. In line with the motto “Designed and produced with sustainability in mind”, not only do our products conserve resources, they also offer a long service life and ease of repair. We also attach great importance to the conscious use of materials and resources in production.

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Industry 5.0 is taking the place of Industry 4.0. More and more media sources are publishing articles about how this is affecting companies and the labor market. But what does Industry 5.0 mean for metalworking companies? How is it manifesting itself in the different welding processes in commercial and industrial production? What effect does the digital networking of people, systems and components have, and what advantages does it offer to companies? 

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Sustainability by Design


We have been working meticulously to carve out our position as an innovation leader in welding technology. It is therefore no surprise that our research and development work in the last 40 years has resulted in numerous milestones in welding technology, which at the same time have always focused on quality, resource conservation and sustainability. Our innovations always aim to provide customers with the highest quality, while also saving valuable resources, be it time and money, or energy and materials.

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Welding for a better climate


Like Steve Jobs of IT giant Apple, Robert Bloos Senior, formerly a truck driver, started his global success story in a garage. Even then it was clear to him that “we have to heat exclusively with wood,” but every time he came home in the winter after a hard day’s work, his apartment was cold. The result, after a huge amount of hard work, was a stunning world first: an automatic discharger system for wood chips.

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New Skilled Personnel in No Time Thanks to Weld Sequencing

It is more acute than ever, puts a strain on the economy and creates problems in many companies: we are, of course, talking about the shortage of skilled personnel. The welding industry has been severely affected and solutions are urgently needed. It is vital that new professionals are trained quickly so that they can complete high quality welds and give companies a little breathing space as soon as possible. One possibility for achieving this is weld sequencing. So, what is it all about and why is it such a helpful tool in the struggle for new skilled personnel? Read more

Ergonomic welding – a contradiction in terms?


Whenever series production is not a consideration, welding is frequently carried out by hand. Welders often work in positions that strain the joints and muscles, for example when welding while forced to adopt awkward postures. This results in complaints such as sprains of the lower back or arms, which not only affect the health of welding professionals, but also come at the expense of the company’s productivity. Companies are therefore increasingly focusing on ergonomics during welding.

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“Can welding also be sustainable?” – Harald Scherleitner joins us for a chat


Harald Scherleitner can look back on nearly 30 years with Fronius and knows the Business Unit Perfect Welding better than almost anyone else. While requirements and conditions have changed repeatedly in this dynamic competitive environment, his passion and enthusiasm for the perfect arc has remained unchanged. One of his core tasks is to “continually destabilize,” i.e., to scrutinize processes and identify potential for improvement. Harald focuses particularly on the topic of sustainability in his work.

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High-tech helps keep rail industry on the right track


Rail vehicles are playing a key role in the shift to sustainable passenger and freight transport. Rail produces fewer emissions and causes significantly less environmental damage than planes or cars—something which is becoming a huge plus point in times of rapidly progressing climate change. In short, rail vehicle manufacturing is booming.

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Protecting against welding fume – optional or compulsory?


Welding fume is produced during arc welding. Often underestimated, it contains hazardous substances that not only pose health hazards but also damage genetic material. In 2017, the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified welding fume as carcinogenic, underlining the fact that the topic of welding fume deserves our utmost attention.

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Welding expertise with battery trays


Just a few years ago, electric cars received little public attention on grounds of their lack of performance and range. Their owners were often mocked for being “eco freaks”. Then Tesla arrived on the scene, ushering in a new era, assisted by the climate crisis. The now rapid transition toward electromobility poses significant challenges for traditional automotive engineering. Alongside cross-brand e-platforms, it requires modern production concepts. Battery trays, which are often installed in the vehicle underbody, must meet high quality standards in terms of crash behavior and tightness. The industry is, therefore, relying on completely new manufacturing processes, including in the field of welding technology.

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When a Welding System Thinks for Itself


Great success stories often begin in small garages, and this was certainly the case for FERRUM.AT. In 2009, Hannes Holl founded a small metalworking shop in Schwertberg, which evolved into a renowned contract manufacturer for both industry and commerce. In its search for intelligent, multi-functional welding systems for MIG/MAG applications, FERRUM.AT Metallverarbeitung GmbH found in Fronius the perfect partner to improve not only welding quality and efficiency, but also its own competitiveness.

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Spotlight on two female welders


Two women, two stories, one passion: Welding makes sparks fly for Cinnamon and Tatjana. Women are still something of a rarity in welding technology, making up only around 5 percent of all welding specialists. So it’s especially interesting to get their take on the industry. In this article, we find out why Cinnamon and Tatjana chose this professional field, what fascinates them about welding, and why they are a key weapon in the battle to overcome the skills shortage.

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The smart way to simplify cold-wire TIG welding


The skills shortage is becoming increasingly challenging for both industry and commerce, with welding specialists in particularly high demand. It is proving especially difficult to find good TIG welders. That’s because TIG welding is the very top tier of welding processes and requires an enormous amount of skill and experience. Or does it?

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Why welding safety is so important


Safety is the absolute top priority during welding. If a welder fails to protect themselves correctly, the work may involve potential risks to the health of users, and may even result in inpatient care at a hospital being required. We spoke to a Fronius welding technology expert and application engineer and can now tell you what perfect protection during welding looks like and what can happen if you fail to take this action.

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Spotlight on Fronius Welding Automation


Welding engineers all over the world associate the name Fronius with innovative welding technology. Unfortunately, there is little awareness across all industries that Fronius Welding Automation supplies automated welding systems from a single source. Only in the oil and gas offshore sector do we have a strong profile among potential customers as a renowned manufacturer of cladding systems.

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