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Focus topics Schweißen & Schneiden 2023

Fronius as topic leader and solution provider

As the innovation leader for arc welding and global market leader for robot-assisted welding, we create both advanced and profitable welding solutions, which are inspired by our sustainable mindset. While quality requirements are rising across all industries, the necessary welding professionals are few and far between. Resource efficiency is also highly important from an economic and ecological perspective.

All technical solutions must protect the health and safety of the workers too. However, one thing is certain: If you have optimal protection and a high level of comfort while welding, you will also achieve consistently high quality.

Together with many international colleagues, we will be presenting the corresponding solutions at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Essen and will be placing a clear focus on the topics of sustainability, health & safety and shortage of skilled workers.

Shortage of Skilled Workers

All sectors are experiencing the symptoms of the shortage of skilled workers. As a result, an increasing number of companies where welding is a core task are being forced to train their own specialists or are not able to fill vacancies. When we develop solutions in close communication with our customers, we follow the principle of minimal training time combined with maximum handling to give welders even better training, to support them and to make their work easier so that they can achieve optimum results.

For example, due to the experience and dexterity required, TIG welding is generally seen as the most prestigious discipline for welders. We ensure that the entry barriers are lowered and that access is generally easier with our own product – to be specific, TIG DynamicWire. With this system, even inexperienced people can form a TIG weld. The required dexterity is replaced with an ergonomic, smart, mechanical system. Due to the continuous supply of the filler metal, it is also no longer necessary to interrupt the welding when the filler material rod is used up.

Thoughts about automation have now reached even small businesses and micro enterprises. This is because the shortage of skilled workers is also an ever-present issue here. A cobot cell is the ideal solution as our entry-level model for automation makes automated welding processes cost effective, even for small batch sizes. Users can easily teach the robot themselves and show it how to hold the welding torch. Our cobot cells also make it possible to work side by side safely. As a result, the welding specialist can do other work at the same time.

Health & Safety

Welding is one of mankind’s oldest and most traditional joining processes and it’s hard to think of life without it, particularly in industry and trade. However, the demanding interplay of metallurgy, physics, and electrical engineering also entails certain hazards which all welders must always be protected from.

Measures to be implemented include protection against welding fumes, UV and glare protection, flame and heat protection, as well as ergonomics. The protective measures to be taken depend on the welding process, the base material, and the filler metal. One thing is clear, however: people who carry out welding with the optimum protection and a high level of comfort will also achieve consistently high quality.

The health of all welding specialists is therefore the top priority for us as well. Our focus is particularly on protection against exposure to welding fumes. We fight this issue through especially user-friendly and high-performance extraction systems and fume extraction welding torches, while we also use the Welducation simulator to ensure a high level of safety even during training.


Our welding systems impress thanks to their top quality, and can be taken apart, repaired, and recycled if necessary. We want all of our products and services to help our customers optimize their processes. This allows them to save energy, material, and time.

In many respects, digitalization is even influencing joining technology and is therefore also an important aspect in terms of sustainability. We routinely develop appropriate software solutions that improve the performance of our welding systems in terms of ease of use, seam quality, and speed. Special documentation software records welding parameters, and software-supported analyses of filler wire and shielding gas allow for economical use of material.

We offer our customers optimum support to help them avoid errors and increase the quality of manufacturing. We are able to do this thanks to the WeldCube Navigator. Predefined step-by-step instructions guide the welding specialists through their work. This makes it easier to get to grips with new or rarely used components and provides support when training new welders. The WeldCube Navigator is easy to use, saves time, prevents production errors, and helps with knowledge transfer.