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Which drive technology is best suited to my forklift trucks? How can I lower the amount of energy my fleet uses and reduce operating costs? And what do I need to bear in mind to ensure the safe, standards-compliant and user-friendly configuration of charging stations? Visitors will find answers to these and many other questions by visiting Fronius Perfect Charging, the battery charging technology experts, on stands C40 and C41 in Hall 10 at the LogiMAT intralogistics trade fair, which is being held in Stuttgart between March 13th and 15th 2018.

Fronius has developed from a manufacturer of battery charging systems into the global technology leader and a professional partner for everything to do with the charging of traction and starter batteries. The Austria-based international company will be at LogiMAT to present its innovative products, customised complete systems and a comprehensive range of consultancy and other services. Visitors to the stand will, for example, be able to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of different drive technologies, such as lead and lithium-ion batteries. Fronius aims to give every customer the opportunity to identify the most cost-effective version with the lowest total operating costs. It will also have the right answer to any question concerning the latest trends, such as the new energy efficiency legislation, Green Logistics or rapid and opportunity charging.


Fronius will be exhibiting selected products from its wide-ranging and extensive portfolio. With its Ri charging process, the company has developed the most advanced, most efficient and gentlest charging process to date for lead acid batteries. The process minimises the energy losses during the main charging phase that would otherwise adversely affect the energy balance and cause damaging warming of the battery. All the chargers in the Selectiva range use this technology, enabling users to benefit from much lower power consumption figures and an extension to the service life of their batteries.


Fronius helps forklift truck dealers provide the most cost-effective and user-friendly configuration of rental forklift fleets. The Selectiva chargers are flexible enough to allow batteries to be charged to varying voltages and capacities. Among the benefits to rental fleet operators and their customers are simple and standardised operation, low weight, a small footprint and low operating costs. Other features, such as the web-based evaluation of charging cycles and a rugged transport box, help prevent operator error and damage, thus significantly extending the service life of the batteries and chargers.


Fronius has developed the I-SPoT Viewer visualisation tool to provide a clear overview of all charging data. The Viewer provides a graphical representation of the battery charging cycles and enables errors, such as incorrect settings on the devices or battery defects, to be easily identified and rectified. By way of contrast, the “Cool Battery Guide Easy” information and management system enables optimum utilisation of the battery pool. A control unit, in conjunction with an LED strip on every charger, intuitively guides the user to the battery that has been fully charged the longest, thus ensuring that all the batteries are used with the same frequency and have sufficient time to cool down.


Fronius is a complete supplier and therefore offers its customers a range of services. These extend from an analysis of the current situation and the savings potential through the planning, design and commissioning of the optimum charging infrastructure to service and maintenance. The company’s overriding objective is to optimise intralogistics processes in a sustainable manner and hence to reduce costs. Its range covers much more than just battery charging systems, customised accessories such as installation modules and battery changing systems are also available.


Fronius at LogiMAT 2018: Hall 10, Stand C40/C41

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