Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Save trough the shutdown - Battery care during the Covid-19 crisis


30/04/2020 / Wels
During the Covid-19 crisis many companies are faced with various new challenges. One is the maintenance of their operations Businesses that have had to shut down their materials handling operations are searching for solutions for the ideal storage of their batteries. What’s to consider when it comes to the charging infrastructure and batteries? How to get up and run as quickly as possible again? – Read more in our Battery Do’s and Don’ts
Fronius’ DO’S & DON’TS for battery charging and storage

Battery Do´s

  1. Keep an eye on the water level: check the electrolyte level after charging and top it up with battery grade water.
  2. Be aware of the right match: Select and use batteries of proper capacity. Match the battery to the correct charger based on the Fronius operation instructions.
  3. To avoid a damage of your chargers, it’s necessary to recharge the battery daily. Fronius chargers have a special conservation charge, which charges the battery independently.
  4. During the shutdown it’s also necessary to check the condition of charging plug, socket and cable to avoid damages.
  5. Battery charging room should be always well ventilated with air exhaust system. Degassing can also occur during a shutdown.

Battery Don’ts

  1. Never leave the battery in a discharged state for more than a day. Fronius chargers have a special conservation charge, which charges the battery independently.
  2. Do not maintain electrolyte level high above the bucket level.
  3. Avoid naked flames, sparks and smoking near a battery.
  4. Don’t remove the cell vent plugs from the cells when charging.
  5. Any necessary charger settings or repair should be done only by qualified personnel. 


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