Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging


The professional power supply for diagnosis and software updates

The Acctiva Professional Flash portable battery charging system provides the vehicle with a power supply during diagnosis and software updates. 70 A guarantees that the batteries are fully charged and capable of starting in just a few minutes. Back-up mode ensures that user settings in the vehicle are retained when the battery is changed and power supply mode guarantees a constant energy supply without any support from the battery. The I-Check automatic power consumption test can also be used to determine whether a discharged battery is faulty or still functional.

Product details


Mains voltage1~ 230V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Mains fuse10 A
Nominal Power1080 W
Duty Cycle100 %
Nominal output voltage12 V
Charging current / output current nominal50 A
Ambient Temperature Range0°C / +60°C
Maximum Relative Humidity85
Maximum Altitude above Sea level2000m
Protection class21

Acctiva Flash 70A and Prof 35A

- Plug & Charge for fully automatic charging
- Suitable for charging all lead starter batteries and powering the vehicle
- 100% safety for vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery
- Clear display for setting all functions and displaying all charging data
- Refresh mode for regenerating deep-discharged batteries
- Update-compatible thanks to an integrated USB interface
- Edge protector provides stability and prevents paint damage

Active Inverter

- Compact dimensions and low weight for flexible application options
- Optimised charging process for maximum energy efficiency and lower energy costs
- Conservation charging minimises the risk of self discharge, even during longer periods of non-use
- High performance: optimal use of battery capacity