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Fronius Earth Mission

Earth Mission Sustainability at Fronius

Our Vision

Fronius is a third-generation family-run enterprise. Responsible development has always been more important to us than short-term gain; after all, we want a world that is a good place to live, both now and in the future. We want to leave behind an intact ecological, social, and economic structure for future generations, and to do so, we need clear rules: rules that we have cemented in a suitable framework called The Fronius Earth Mission.



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» Sustainable action is at the heart of everything we do at Fronius. This has been the case since the very beginning of the company’s history; the impetus to extend the short service life of car batteries through more efficient use of available energy came about roughly 75 years ago. Today we are placing more focus than ever on environmentally friendly solutions. «

Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß, CEO Fronius International GmbH
Earth Mission

OUR Sustainability Report

The annual sustainability report provides an insight into the environmentally friendly, social, customer-focused, and health-promoting activities and projects carried out by Fronius.
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Fronius Earth Mission


Maintenance work of a welding machine

Long product lifespan

At Fronius, responsible business practice means taking into consideration environmentally-relevant, social, and economic factors in equal measure. We always endeavor to optimize processes and utilize synergies in the production process. We keep energy and raw material requirements as low as possible, for example through the use of fuel-efficient machinery, energy recovery, minimizing sheet metal waste, or by using reusable packaging. Robust components and high production quality promise a long service life.

Endurance test Fronius Galvo

The highest quality standards

Impact test, dust test, low temperature performance – these are just three of the 13 quality tests that our products undergo during the development phase, depending on the intended area of application of course. All our tests go far beyond the specifications laid down in standards: it is no coincidence that innovative solutions from Fronius impress with their quality and long service life. And if required, the products can be easily repaired and individual components replaced.




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» Our sustainable products, business practices, and services contribute to preserving the world’s resources - we have a duty to our environment and society. «

Markus Zauner, Head of Facility Safety


Photovoltaic system Wels


The sun provides most of the energy that we need. We use special photovoltaic systems, some of which are installed directly in the facades, and some of which are integrated in the covered parking lot roof. One of the largest roof-mounted PV systems is situated at our production site in Sattledt and has a module surface area of approximately 7000 m². The system delivers more than 1000 kWp of electricity, equating to the energy requirements of roughly 250 households.

Geothermal probes Thalheim

Geothermal energy

Low-emission heating systems are used at all our Austrian sites. In fact, at the research and development site in Thalheim, we cover 100% of the heating requirements using a Co2-neutral geothermal field. The geothermal system situated here is one of the largest in Europe, with 204 boreholes of 200 meters each. What’s more, we use the heat from the test laboratory for heating in winter and the river water from the nearby Traun for cooling in summer.

E-car charging station

E-charging stations

We are equipping the company’s own fleet with more and more emission-free vehicles. We also want to provide our guests and employees with clean energy for their own cars, which is why our Austrian sites already have approximately 60 e-charging stations for cars and bicycles and a hydrogen refueling system, all supplied with green energy by our photovoltaic systems.

Site in Pettenbach


We are already using an increasing number of special facades, which are clad with pre-fixed, rear-ventilated, and semi-transparent photovoltaic modules. This enables us to not only generate energy, but also to reduce direct sunlight and thus decrease the cooling load.


Fronius Staff Restaurant

Staff restaurant

We run our own company restaurants and use high-quality local food in our recipes, providing our staff with a healthy balanced diet and banning energy-sapping foodstuffs from our kitchens. It is especially important to us that healthy food not only tastes good, but is also varied and complies with our sustainability policy.
Fronius KinderLand

Fronius KinderLand

At Fronius KinderLand in Sattledt we provide childcare for our employees all year round, giving parents increased flexibility. The company kindergarten provides open play areas and child-friendly playrooms with plenty of space, and prepare children for starting school. A creche is also available for infants aged 15 months and older.
Health Management

Health management

The wellbeing of our employees is important to us, and we employ appropriate measures in the workplace as a matter of course. Our occupational physicians are available as competent contact persons for all health concerns, and we also promote the health of our employees with vaccination programs and blood donation campaigns.



ISO 9001

…is an internationally recognized quality standard that allows organizations to provide evidence of their ability to deliver high quality products and services. Quality awareness is deeply ingrained in the Fronius philosophy, is practiced by all our employees in equal measure, and serves to ensure that the requirements of our customers and interface partners are fulfilled.  


ISO 14001

…is an international environmental management standard that lays down globally recognized requirements for environmental management systems. At Fronius we go beyond minimum legal requirements wherever possible, especially when it comes to our plants, processes, and sites.  


ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001)

…is considered to be one of the most well-known and important standards for an occupational health and safety management system. A safe working environment, healthy employees, and harnessing opportunities for improvement are important criteria for the further development of our company.

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