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24 hours of sun Together for 100% renewable energy

100% renewable now

We believe in a world with 100% renewable energy and we know that the technology needed to achieve this is already available today.

Our solutions are helping to generate, store, intelligently distribute and consume renewables with unprecedented efficiency. 

This means that literally everyone can help create a new, efficient energy world.

These contributions can be large, but also very small. Whether you install a photovoltaic system, switch from a combustion engine to an electric car or move to a green electricity provider – every step counts.

Together we are working towards a world with 100% renewable energy, a world with 24 hours of sun.  

Why renewables?

  • Sustainability
    We need to develop sustainable energy solutions so that we can leave our children a world worth living in. The use of solar energy is a simple and inexpensive solution that protects our environment and resources. 
  • Growth
    Renewables are the cheapest form of energy available today. It therefore makes economic sense to press ahead with the expansion of renewable energies and create numerous new jobs worldwide in the process. 
  • Independence
    Using renewable energy sources will eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and centralized suppliers. A supply of self-produced electricity can even ensure self-sufficiency in smaller buildings. 

Why 24 hours of sun?

Solar energy is a sustainable and inexpensive form of energy which can be used to cover a broad spectrum. 

  • Power supply in households, public buildings, offices, etc. 
  • Heating and air conditioning with solar power
  • Charging electric cars with solar power

Intelligent storage and use of solar energy can thus cover all the energy needed by households and businesses. And not only when the sun shines, but also in bad weather and at night. 

24 hours of sun is therefore achievable for everyone and makes both ecological and economic sense.

We are 24 hours of sun

Together with our customers and partners we can achieve our vision of 24 hours of sun. 

Click here to go to the community hub for all those who are already climate heroes or want to become one. 

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