Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Charging infrastructure for every use


6/7/2018 / Wels
There are numerous standards and provisions that need to be observed when it comes to equipping battery charging rooms and stations or single charging points. Along with our reliable standard products, Fronius also offers individual special solutions that allow for a standards-compliant infrastructure for charging traction batteries.
Fronius Battery Charging Station with charging module 2000

An in-depth analysis of the current state of your system, as well as the results you want to achieve, is important here. Once the challenges have been clearly defined, the experts at Fronius can come up with the perfect solution. Our wildcard is the innovative battery charging technology in our Selectiva devices. Thanks to the Ri charging process, they charge each battery gently and efficiently according to a unique characteristic. This leads to an energy saving of up to 30 percent, reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions in the process. This technology ensures a significantly longer service life for the batteries and a higher degree of availability.

It is possible to fine-tune the one-off solution even further by adding accessories. Depending on the circumstances and conditions on the ground, adding remote control systems, fixtures or air filters can improve not only the processes on site, but also reduce defects and operating costs, while extending the service life of both the charger and the battery. The start/stop option, for example, increases workplace safety and minimises wear and tear. If the charging cable is disconnected during the charging process, this additional function prevents sparking. The risk of an explosion caused by the oxyhydrogen produced during charging is also significantly decreased. At the same time, long term damage to the charging plug is reduced.

The Aquamatic control function prevents damage to the battery. It works to control an automatic filling system that fills the battery with distilled water after every charge. The trigger function needed for the automatic refilling option can easily be installed in the shape of the relay board from Fronius. This relay board – also an optional extra – is able to send information about the state of charge of the connected battery. Furthermore, it can output error messages and enable additional features, such as the refill indicator. This gives you the best possible overview of your system and optimises the charging process.

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