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Perfect Welding

Renting power sources instead of buying Shareconomy meets welding technology

Imagine the following scenario: Your metalwork company is awarded a contract to produce a large steel  construction within a tight deadline. Excited about having landed a new client, you immediately start working on the project. Welders and machines operate non-stop, and every day the production hall is filled with the busy sound of welding. Until one day everything falls silent – two old machines have failed and need to be replaced immediately if the project is to be finished on time. What now?

You have two choices. You can either quickly invest in a new welding system, incurring high and unexpected costs; or you can lease the necessary welding systems and simply have them delivered

Short-term urgent staff shortages are resolved by temporarily hiring welding technicians. So why not rent welding systems based on demand? The major advantage here is flexibility. Depending on the current order situation, companies can make sure they have exactly the right number of power sources and can thus optimize costs. Fronius offers welding systems for rent worldwide. Clients not only rent hand-held welding devices for use on construction sites but also welding systems for entire robotic welding systems. Our leasing service is the ideal solution for clients to cope with order peaks and meet different welding challenges: we tailor our services to the customer’s requirements and are always close at hand through cooperations with international partners.


Fronius and its sales and service-partner EQIN in the Netherlands have fully embraced the concept of renting. EQIN has branched out from sales and specializes in the temporary rental of power, air, lighting, and welding systems, as well as tools and equipment. With offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, the company supplies clients in the chemical, oil and gas, as well as the steel and shipbuilding industry. EQIN was set up by Interlas and 2Rent five years ago. Interlas had already been providing rental welding equipment for several decades beforehand. EQIN clients are now benefiting from this wealth of experience. “In addition to standardized models, we also offer flexible rental solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers,” explains Paul Verloop, Sales Manager at EQIN.


Most commonly, companies lease welding systems for large-scale projects. Often, there is no budget set aside for bigger investments and systems are mostly only required for a number of weeks in order to meet periods of high demand. “Our customers also greatly value cost transparency. Weekly costs can be easily calculated and managed, and our short delivery times allow maximum flexibility. We are able to deliver a hundred welding devices within just one day, for example,” says Verloop, elaborating on why companies prefer to rent instead of buy. The client decides how long they keep the systems on-site: whether it’s one week or several years, anything can be arranged. Clients are particularly impressed with the user-friendliness and the high weld quality of Fronius systems. At EQIN, technicians check and calibrate all welding systems before delivering them to the customer, in order to ensure the reliability of the power sources – another advantage that makes renting a safe option.

PAUL VERLOOP, Sales Managerat EQIN in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

“Clients can be sure to get the right solution for the right price and at the right time with our rental concept.”

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