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Perfect Welding

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We already know what you’re thinking: “Why should I subscribe to another newsletter?” With Fronius Weld Informed, you will be receiving the latest content to keep you one step ahead of the rest. Benefit from exclusive topics such as product and service news, industry trends, cool welding tips, and much more. Each edition will focus on a different topical issue. Are you ready for more? Perfect! Then let us take you into the world of Fronius Perfect Welding.


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You’ve heard of synchronized swimming, but how about synchronized welding? You might be wondering how that works – the perfectly synchronized arcs of the new TPS/i Twin Push system make it possible to carry out tandem welding with the very best results! The main theme of this edition is high performance welding – things are really going to start hotting up! Read the entire Newsletter


Things are really hotting up! In the hope that another extremely hot summer lies ahead, we’ve come up with even hotter devices: manual steel welding with the TPS/i Steel Edition and the TransSteel Multiprocess devices (MIG/MAG, TIG, and MMA in one device) take center stage in this issue. Maybe they’ll even outshine the summer! Read the entire Newsletter

What Can the TPS/i Welding System Do?

Our hot topic for this edition is TPS/i—the intelligent welding system. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the MIG/MAG welding process. What are the characteristics of the different arc types? What filler metals are suitable for use? What do the practical applications look like? You will find the answers to all these questions and more in this Weld Informed. Read the entire Newsletter


Clear the stage for tungsten inert gas welding – our hot topic! When demands on quality and weld-seam appearance are stringent, as in the food industry or for turbine manufacturers in the aerospace industry, the TIG welding process is the perfect choice – it’s a real superhero. In this issue, we shine a light on all manner of welding challenges. Read the entire Newsletter


Robust, but still maneuverable? That’s no longer a contradiction when it comes to our welding systems. Want proof? Well look no further than the current hot topic: the Fronius TransPocket series. Our video clearly demonstrates how mobile welding systems can make daily life that bit easier for any welder. What’s more, this edition is all about manual welding.

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The current hop topic is how you can use an app – WeldConnect from Fronius – to calculate welding parameters. You can determine the correct parameters for your welding application, whether TIG or MIG/MAG, in no time at all. This is yet another example of how digital developments are changing the face of welding technology.

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