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Perfect Welding

Welding Torch instead of Brush: Social Media Campaign “Beauty of Welding”


Welding is not only a method for industrial users and tradespeople to join materials. Many welders have discovered the process as an art form and a way to give body to their creative ideas. On Facebook and Instagram Fronius puts the spotlight on this type of welding application.

Fronius will be dedicating itself to the art of welding with the social media campaign “The Beauty of Welding”, starting in fall 2018. As part of a competition, Fronius asks the welding community to explore their creative side and weld their own works of art. Unique prizes are waiting for the lucky winners.

If you need a little spark of inspiration, why not take a look at the creations of Rich Baker, one of the artists in our campaign (Instagram: richcraftironworks). The Canadian is a nature lover and tries with his sculptures to capture the gracefulness of animals in their movements and their essence. As an artist, he wants to achieve an optical illusion: metal that flows and seems to be much softer than the original material.


All entries to the “Beauty of Welding” campaign can be found on Facebook and Instagram under froniuswelding.