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Perfect Welding


Fronius gives you the opportunity to expand and update your technical knowledge of welding and systems. Interactive training courses, workshops and technical lectures are the perfect opportunity to acquire basic knowledge and become familiar with product innovations and new technologies – clearly explained by experienced trainers, in both theory and practice. The content and topics of our training courses are regularly adapted to the latest requirements. Our comprehensive training and development program is designed for our partners and staff alike, as they are the key to our success. With their knowledge and skills, day after day they ensure that we make the impossible possible as the innovation and technology leader. That’s why supporting their personal and professional development is a priority. 


We provide basic instruction and deepen understanding of specific welding topics through interactive training units, with a particular focus on the product and technological developments from Fronius. The interaction between participants and trainers as well as practical applications are key factors of our training. We are currently offering the following training courses:
Technical application training
Learn about a specific Fronius welding system, how it works and its areas of application.
System technology training
Detailed information about the functionality and maintenance of different Fronius welding systems.
New products
On this course, we inform you about new products, how to operate them, areas of application, functions and maintenance.
This training course gives you sales support information about Fronius Perfect Welding.

Comprehensive information about marketing from Fronius Perfect Welding and its sub-departments.

A clear introduction to Fronius welding automation and orbital welding.
These courses teach you about the correct way to repair various welding torches and welding systems.
On these courses, we give you a comprehensive overview of our services, what they include and our processes. We also provide you with sales support information.


Our technical lectures delivered by Fronius experts and external speakers inform customers, interested parties, partners and staff about the latest product and technology developments in welding technology. You’ll find information and dates in our events calendar.

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Our workshops are not traditional, lecture-based instruction but rather, participants develop their knowledge of specific topics independently. Brainstorming is encouraged and suggestions for future developments are often the focus of discussion. Find out more