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Perfect Welding


Fronius has launched an innovation to make everyday work for welding technology experts a whole lot easier: the free Weld Wizard app. Once installed on a smartphone or tablet, this is a quick and precise tool for estimating various welding parameters, both online and in offline mode. What’s more, the app has a number of practical features.

You can select different Fronius welding processes for a chosen weld seam geometry, allowing you to precisely calculate the energy input and the costs per metre of weld seam. The measurement units, filler metals and designations can be switched between metric (ISO) and imperial (AWS). As the first welding app, Weld Wizard includes high-speed videos showing droplet detachment and the arc in detail. When generating financial calculations and comparisons, it is absolutely precise and provides welders, design engineers and work schedulers with all the relevant information quickly and easily. Users can create and save the results or forward them to other users via e-mail. The simple categorisation of the settings into deposition rate, energy input and economic comparison make the app particularly user friendly and easy to navigate.

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