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Perfect Welding


SpeedClad 2.0 takes cladding to a new level

Fewer wearing parts and less time and effort spent on maintenance: SpeedClad 2.0 gives you a completely new dimension in cladding. Unlike the high-speed SpeedClad Twin process that welds with two electrodes and two filler wires, this new cladding process requires just one electrode and one filler wire while operating at the same or higher welding speeds. In addition to this, the distinctly slimmer welding torch allows small internal diameters to be cladded, down to 100 millimeters.

Super economical and easy to use

6 powerful arguments for investing in SpeedClad 2.0 

  1. Extremely high welding speeds shorten your production times.
  2. Reduced consumption of wearing parts and shielding gas makes your cladding systems more cost effective.
  3. Less time spent on servicing and maintenance extends arc time and lowers your costs.
  4. Swiveling torch head with locking device ensures the ideal electrode to component angle.
  5. The welding torch quick assembly system saves time that could be spent on other jobs, and is designed to be easy to use.
  6. The wirefeeder is quick and easy to calibrate for extra convenience, also saving you time.

Qualified welding speed

Up to 135 cm/min (depending on the application)

Deposition rate

up to 6 kg/h (depending on the application)

Slim welding torch – small internal diameter

The fully re-developed welding torch system allows you to weld significantly smaller inner component diameters.

Send inquiry about SpeedClad 2.0

If you would like to know more about SpeedClad 2.0, we will be happy to advise you.


Technical data

 Welding torch  TTHW 6000 SC / Ø100
 DC welding current at 100 % D.C.     600 A
 Electrode diameter  4,8 mm
 Standard working length   1000 mm
 Optional working length  750–1800 mm
 Standard total length  1483 mm

Which cladding systems is SpeedClad 2.0 compatible with?

SpeedClad 2.0 is compatible with the latest generation of Fronius cladding systems or with older systems using a retrofit kit. 

Compact Cladding Cell

Conventional Cladding Cell

ETR „Endless Torch Rotation System“

ETR Ultimate