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Perfect Welding

CMT Pulse: attractive synergies

The CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) process has revolutionised the world of welding. Its advantages include lower heat input and less distortion, extremely stable arc control, precisely controlled droplet detachment, prevention of spatter, joining of thin – even coated – sheets and metals of different types and thicknesses. With CMT Pulse, a combination of CMT and a pulsed arc, the process window (in other words, the power range) has been increased once again. This welding process makes any value in the energy range between CMT and pulsed arc available to welders. Furthermore, there is increased process stability even during “pure” pulsed arc operation thanks to the advantages of the CMT process control technology.

Advantages of the application

Fronius and pilot users have prioritised testing the welding of critical 0.5 to 3.0 mm thick CrNi steel and aluminium alloys as preferred fields of application for CMT Pulse. The user can select the heat input more or less continuously across the entire range of CMT and pulsed-arc welding. This removes the power limits of CMT while retaining its advantages.

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