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As an employer Fronius offers applicants an array of opportunities. We are a growing company on the lookout for people both at our headquarters in Austria and in our subsidiaries around the globe to fulfil a variety of roles: from R&D to production and from administration to sales.

Innovation is part of our corporate culture and the engine of our success. It is our goal to work together developing revolutionary technologies and exceptional products both now and in the future for our three Business Units, Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging. To do so we require employees who share our enthusiasm and help us to achieve the best possible benefits for our customers.

Despite our success on the global stage and our steady growth, we remain a family-owned company that values the contribution of each and every person and never loses sight of the human aspect. Showing respect for each other and being polite is for us a matter of course. As an employer, we wish to create a happy environment in which our employees feel right at home.
With our three Business Units, Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging, Fronius offers the opportunity to develop as an individual within the company. We encourage and support you in your chosen career path right from the start, preparing you to take on more senior or project management roles. As a family company, we feel it is our duty to support a healthy work-life balance.
Remaining the technology and innovation leader demands committed employees with excellent technical and personal skills who are always open to new ideas and keen to develop and learn. As an employer therefore, we believe an intensive induction period is just as important as a comprehensive training and development programme.
As an employer, Fronius has much to offer its staff: cutting-edge infrastructure, an open and friendly corporate culture, employee fruit policy and access to employee discount scheme to name a few. We encourage social activities and seasonal events that we enjoy celebrating together.
In the first few weeks our newcomers familiarise themselves with the field in which they will be working. They also witness the personal side of the company and develop an important insight into the working and corporate structure of their new employer. Our employees are part of the team from day 1, which is why the company's management likes to personally greet every new recruit. After all, as a family company, it's a principle we stand for.

James Evans, UK Distributor Development Manager

“Fronius UK -  it’s all about the people. The product is incredibly important and we have a great product, but it’s all about the people. We have areal dedicated team of experts here with a lot of knowledge and I think that’s what makes it a joy to work with this team.”


"One of the exciting things about bringing customers to Fronius UK is the level of facilities that we have here. I always feel a sense of pride when webring customers here for the first time. From the moment you walk in, it’s pretty impressive and when people see the investment, I think that puts a smile on the customer’s face, as well as our own."

Fronius employee James

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Suzi Loria, Finance

“Since joining Fronius UK I finally feel not only part of a team, but part of a family as well. I can honestly say I actually enjoy coming to work.”