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GENerating 500k sunny moments


13/03/2024 / Austria
At the beginning of the year, the 500,000th Fronius GEN24 rolled off the production line at the Sattledt (Austria) manufacturing site
In 2020, the Fronius GEN24 Plus was introduced to the market, impressing with two backup power options and its versatile applications. As a hybrid inverter, it’s a true all-rounder that has delighted not only customers but also numerous expert panels and professionals. Our customer favourite in the residential sector has won prizes such as the Intersolar Award, was named “Product of the Year” at the Plus X Award and consistently ranks on the podium of the HTW Berlin’s Energy Storage Inspection when combined with a battery storage system from BYD.

Golden quality

2024 marks not only the year of our vision 24 hours of sun; shortly after the turn of the year, we also celebrated the completion of the 500,000th Fronius GEN24. These inverters serve as the heart and brain of PV systems, generating clean and cost-effective energy. With our feature upgrade, Fronius, it’s now possible to retrofit the hybrid functions onto the recently launched Fronius GEN24 at any time and entirely online, without replacing the inverter. This provides future system owners with more flexibility, eliminating the need to decide immediately whether they require a battery for their PV system. Fronius offers the optimal solution for all homeowners – and has done so half a million times. To celebrate this occasion properly, golden elements on the cover make the 500,000th Fronius GEN24 shine particularly brightly.



500,000 contributions to the energy transition

500,000 Fronius GEN24 inverters represent a significant step towards achieving our vision of 24 hours of sun, a world powered by 100% renewable energy. Because half a million Fronius GEN24 inverters make many things possible:



PV power for two million people

In the Austrian capital city of Vienna, home to more than two million people, the city’s attractions such as Schönbrunn Palace or St. Stephen’s Cathedral attract millions of tourists every year. With the energy generated by half a million Fronius GEN24 inverters, there’s no problem supplying Vienna and its population with enough energy to last half a year.

500 factories powered up

The Fronius GEN24 product family is primarily known as the heart and brain of private PV systems. However, the energy produced by 500,000 of these inverters could also make a significant impact in the commercial sector. While supplying a single-family home with four people requires 4 to 5 megawatt-hours, the average annual consumption of an industrial facility is around 10,000 megawatt-hours. This is a considerable amount, but half a million Fronius GEN24 inverters can generate enough energy to power over 500 factories for a year.

Around the world 840,000 times

It’s well known that photovoltaics and e-mobility make a great team. Using electricity from your own PV system to charge an electric vehicle isn’t just the cleanest but also the most cost-effective way to operate it. With the amount of energy our 500,000 Fronius GEN24 inverters produce annually, an electric car could travel more than 33.6 billion kilometres. This is an almost unimaginable distance, which would encircle the Earth around 840,000 times.





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