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The 24 hours of sun ACADEMY: Training courses for installers to become guiding lights in the energy revolution

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“24 hours of sun is not just a slogan; it’s our way of life and it is reflected in many different aspects of our company.” This is the reason why we founded the 24 hours of sun ACADEMY, to offer training courses to photovoltaic installers. We caught up with Volker Haider, head of the training team, for an interview to discuss the grand opening of the academy.

Could you tell us a bit more about the courses on offer?

All of the Fronius training courses focus on solutions for the energy revolution. The courses range from the basic principles of photovoltaics and information about Fronius products to commissioning and specialist topics, such as battery storage systems or PV systems for hot water. We also offer qualification training for Fronius System Partners.

Do the training courses have a set structure or are they more flexible?

It is uncommon for someone to book a single training course. Most of our customers tend to book out a whole week in which they can take part in several different courses. We tailor the content covered during this week to the individual needs and wishes of the customer. The customers are able to choose between different key areas of focus. In addition to these core topics, we also deal with specialist questions and subjects and we also make regional adaptations to the training Content.

What should customers expect from a Fronius training Course?

The training courses comprise a mix of presentations, workshops and practical work on real devices, so that participants are ready for the situations that will arise in real life. We use the latest teaching methods in our training courses to relay information in as clear and accessible a format as possible. The Fronius solutions that are taught in the training courses are then set up together. I think it is important that the customer goes away feeling confident and assured so that they are able to implement the holistic ideas into their own work.

Do you need to have a certain level of basic knowledge prior to attending a training Course?

One of the modern training methods we use is “Blended Learning”. This is where part of the theoretical content is taught in advance via webinars, ensuring that all participants have a similar level of basic knowledge when they arrive at the Academy. We can then focus on the practical aspects during the on-site element of the Course.

Volker Haider with his team

What is the difference between a training course and a Webinar?

A webinar takes place online. You can take part in the web seminars anywhere using a laptop or a smartphone. Some of the webinars are live and so you can interact with them, whereas others are free videos which are available on YouTube. This saves both time and money. Training courses, by contrast, are held on site where the facilities of the 24 hours of sun ACADEMY allow participants to gain practical knowledge through a “hands on” Approach.

How many training courses and webinars are held annually at Fronius and where are they Held?

Training courses are held almost every week at the 24 hours of sun ACADEMY in Wels. We also offer training at each of our global subsidiaries. Furthermore, training sessions can also be held privately at a customer’s premises or at a leased location. Fun fact: Arguably one of the most unusual training locations we had in the past was the Ronald McDonald Kinderland in Queensland. Our range of training courses and webinars is being continuously expanded.

Who can take part in the training courses and Webinars?

The training courses are open to all specialists in the solar industry, not to end consumers. We offer 30 different webinar topics online, which are aimed at different target audiences and which deal with different themes. For example, there could be a webinar which focuses on generating hot water using PV energy, but which heating installers would also find interesting. It is also worth mentioning that the training courses are restricted to small groups of up to 14 people to ensure the very best support for each participant.

Who is involved in providing the Training?

There are 80 Fronius employees around the world dedicated to delivering training. We have a four-strong team of trainers at Fronius International. All of our trainers are technicians from different backgrounds and continuously seek feedback from installers so that they can better understand their situation. In doing so they are also able to grow their own knowledge on specialist topics, which they are then able to pass on when training others. We are also actively supported by our Fronius Technical Support National and Fronius Tech Support International departments. The best thing about our job is that our customers leave full of enthusiasm and having understood our sustainable approach.

Why should an experienced installer take the time to attend a training course or to watch a webinar about a well-known Topic?

Even for well-established topics, new findings or discoveries are being made all the time. At Fronius, we believe that you never stop learning and that there is always a better solution still to be had. Investing the time to attend our training courses is particularly worthwhile for our Fronius System Partners, as the knowledge acquired can be harnessed for long-term benefits. Fronius solutions are innovative because we see them holistically and sustainability is the top priority for our products. The sale of sustainable products helps our FSPs to further develop their businesses and helps them to optimise their reputation on the market. Our solutions and training courses allow our partners to guide their customers through the energy revolution, thereby ensuring long-term commercial success.  

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