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Industrial company is 100 % energy-self-sufficient in the event of power outages

18/11/2020 / Brasil, Maringa
PV system with Fronius Eco, Victron Quattro and BYD Battery Box Pro

On the roof of Aldo Components Eletronicos in Maringa (Brazil) there is a 310 kWp PV system. Eight Fronius Eco inverters with an output of 25 kW ensure efficient and clean power production, with 100 % of this energy being used for the company’s own loads.


Storage of PV current with Fronius Eco and Victron

At Aldo, in addition to the production of photovoltaic energy, the installers have also focussed on its storage. With the “Aldo Solar 365” package, the company can supply itself with solar energy even in the event of a power outage. The package consists of inverters from Fronius, inverter/chargers from Victron and batteries from BYD.


The aim here is to save electricity at peak times and to protect against power outages.



Optimum communication between Fronius, Victron and BYD in the event of a power outage

During the day, the Fronius Eco supplies the energy produced from the PV modules directly to the company’s loads. Surplus energy is stored in the battery via the Victron devices.


In the event of a power outage, the inverter/chargers establish an AC grid and supply the company with PV energy from the batteries. The communication between the individual components could not be better.

Webinar: Smart rural electrification with Fronius and Victron Energy



Charging stations for electric cars with solar energy

At Aldo, it is not only loads such as lighting and air conditioning units that are supplied with PV current. A charging station also draws energy from the PV system and charges electric cars with it. The PV modules were mounted directly on the carports, which means that they offer double benefits: shade for the parked cars and space for a PV system.


The current comes from a Fronius Primo 8.2.-1 inverter. Thanks to the open interfaces, Fronius inverters are compatible with almost all quality suppliers of charging devices.



How does the company supply itself with PV energy in the event of a power outage?

  • Fronius Eco inverters
  • Victron Quattro inverter/chargers
  • BYD lithium batteries 

Info box

  • 100 % self-consumption
  • 100 % PV energy supply in the event of power failure
  • Solar carports with charging station for electric cars 



About the system:

Size of installation 310 kWp  
System type Roof-top installation  
Inverter 8 Fronius Eco 25.0-3-S  
Victron 15 Victron Quattro 15 kW  
Storage 32 BYD Battery Box Pro 13.8 kWh  
Commissioned May 2018
Annual yield Approx. 481 MWh  
Special features

100 % self-consumption           

100 % PV energy supply in the event of power failure

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