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Acerios Hot-Active-Plasma surface cleaning

Acerios - efficient cleaning

The Acerios hot active plasma technology allows partial and precise cleaning of material surfaces in industrial production by removing organic residues and film impurities quickly and efficiently. Compared to conventional methods of fine cleaning, the application impresses with low energy consumption, higher efficiency, and the absence of environmentally harmful cleaning additives.

The hot active plasma generated by Acerios is guided fully automatically over the material surfaces. The pyrolysis and plasma processes that take place remove the organic impurities and provide sufficient pre-treatment of the material surface. Treatment speeds of 6 m/min and more can be realized, depending on the material and the soiling.

Acerios in action – the highlights

With a stable plasma flame length of around 15-20 millimeters, the process uses plasma temperatures of up to 1000° Celsius. The parents materials to be treated are not melted but only freed from impurities. In addition to the temperature-related cleaning, the surfaces are also activated by the plasma.

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The advantages of Acerios

Economical and sustainable

/ Partial cleaning – cleaning only takes place where it is actually needed

/ Efficient alternative to wet-chemical cleaning processes

/ Low media consumption

/ No use of substances that are hazardous to the environment or health

Fast and reliable

/ Cleaning speeds of 6 m/min and more

/ Long service life (low wear, low maintenance)

/ High process stability and simple configuration

High compatibility

/ Easy to integrate into automated plants due to inline capability

/ Easy robot connection thanks to the variety of interfaces

/ Compatible with all robot systems

/ Small torch geometry, good accessibility

Universal application

/ Also works with non-conductive materials

/ Cleaning of oils, lubricants, fluids, fibers, and much more

/ Removal of thin coatings

/ Suitable for both part- and torch-guided systems

Acerios – how it works

Atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) is a special case in plasma technology. The APP process used by Acerios frees metallic and non-metallic surfaces (glass, ceramics) of organic contaminants – without the use of liquid chemicals. The use of this special plasma technology also makes it possible to dispense with conventional pretreatment methods such as grinding or priming – and avoid the associated adverse effects such as grinding dust pollution or chemical hazards. And the technology not only improves working conditions; the absence of solvents and chemicals also means that APP is ecologically beneficial.

Example aluminium

Acerios removes the layers present on the oxide layer, consisting of moisture (adsorption layer) and impurities such as oils or lubricants, for example. The structure of the parent material remains unchanged after the cleaning process.

High compatibility

Thanks to Fronius’ years of experience, Acerios can be easily integrated into automated systems or equipped with a wide variety of robot interface variants. This makes it easy to connect and control the system using a standardized industrial robot interface. Acerios can be used in both part-guided and torch-guided systems.

As clean as necessary

The cleanliness of part surfaces is an essential quality criterion for modern production and lightweight construction technologies. Impurities or residues must be sufficiently removed in pre-cleaning or intermediate cleaning steps, so that subsequent production steps can be performed with sufficient quality. With Acerios, Fronius enables efficient component cleaning and therefore ensures the required cleanliness. Thanks to the ability to program cleaning processes with Acerios with pinpoint accuracy, it is not necessary to clean the entire part before the next production step. Only those areas that require particular cleanliness are treated.