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Alu Menziken Euromotive GmbH Aluminium-Lightweight components Ranshofen, Austria

Alu Menziken develops and manufactures modern lightweight aluminum components and systems for the automotive and aerospace industry. In the Automotive division, the Austrians have built up quite a reputation as suppliers to premium manufacturers, sports car manufacturers and e-mobility. Typical components and assemblies include crash management systems, seat structures, roll-bar systems and battery boxes.

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Alu Menziken Euromotive GmbH

Company Headquarters:

Alu Menziken Euromotive GmbH was founded in November 2014 as a 100% subsidiary of Swiss firm Alu Menziken Extrusions AG.

Switzerland Romania Austria Employees: Around 700 / 150 are based in Ranshofen

Lightweight aluminum components and systems for the automotive and aerospace industry

Fronius Product Used:
Welding cell by Fronius, including the system controls and H-positioner

Processes Used:

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» We are able to weld several battery tray components in a single step and so increase our output due to high welding speeds – enabled by the arc stabilized by the laser. At the same time, component distortion is minimized due to the low energy input. «

Norbert Dickinger, Production manager


The automotive sector demands smooth, distortion-free welding results. At the same time, components are getting bigger all the time and more difficult to weld to a reproducible quality. Even before the battery trays are fitted with millimeter precision into the chassis of vehicles, they must undergo a leak test. The reason for this: all battery trays need not just to be airtight, but splash-proof too. This is quite a challenge for welding.

Due to the demanding requirements placed on surface finish, thermal conductivity and cleanliness, welding aluminum is particularly challenging. It not only demands extensive knowledge with regard to joint preparation and setting up welding parameters, but also an understanding of the correct welding sequence to avoid the deformation of individual tray elements.


LaserHybrid welding. This welding process allows fillet welds to be welded and prevents unnecessary runout areas. LaserHybrid combines a laser beam and a MIG welding process in a common process zone. The collimated light beam that is directed at the weld seam has a very high energy density. The aluminum is vaporized and penetrates deep into the parent material. The MIG welding process that follows on from the laser is used to fill the seam, resulting in optimum edge fusion. The heat that is also introduced gives the material time to outgas, so preventing any proneness to porosity in comparison with pure laser welding.

Alu Menziken Euromotive is persuaded of the advantages of the LaserHybrid welding process. They can now weld butt and fillet welds and also entire components in a single work step, thus making the process quicker and more cost-effective.

Fronius-Product in use


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