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Perfect Welding

Aumayr GmbH - Upper Austrian Individuality

300 Mitarbeiter, an drei Standorten – in Österreich und Tschechien: Die Aumayr GmbH aus Steyregg bei Linz fertigt Luftleitungssysteme – individualisiert auf den Kundenwunsch ausgerichtet. Prestrigeträchtige Großprojekte, wie die Ausstattung des Landestheaters Linz (Europas modernstes Musiktheater), unterstreichen Aumayrs Tragweite: Zu fertigen galt es 1.000 Laufmeter an Luftleitungskomponenten!

What´s your Welding Challenge?

Aumayr GmbH

Company Headquarters:

Family-run business since 1965

3 in Austria and the Czech Republic

approximately 300

Ventilation pipe systems

Fronius Product Used:
ArcRover 22

Processes Used:
Pulse process and CMT mixed process

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» It ultimately exceeded our expectations. The Fronius welding experts deserve a special thank you for their advice and support right from the start. Together we were able to significantly optimize the welding quality as well as the production times. Investing in the ArcRover 22 was therefore absolutely the right decision. «

Erwin Kunst, Head of Metalworking


At the beginning of 2018, the company received a large order for welded stainless steel ventilation pipes – Aumayr GmbH anticipated a number of significant challenges: the project involved creating several kilometers of weld seams. Sheet metal thicknesses up to four millimeters needed to be welded without warping and with a consistently high quality. It quickly became clear that this project would push manual welding to its limits. The only way to ensure the cost effectiveness of the project was to use a mechanized welding process.

Increasing welding speeds and eliminating the need for rework were therefore essential in order to optimize costs. In addition, the company was also looking for systems that were compatible with their existing Fronius welding systems so that these systems could continue to be used.


The ArcRover 22. Aumayr chose this exceptionally robust and equally flexible Fronius welding carriage, not least because of the fact that it could be used in combination with their existing Fronius TPS 5000 CMT and TPS/i 500 welding systems. The compact welding carriage and its ease of use helped to completely convince the Aumayr specialists. Using this system results in perfectly welded, virtually spatter-free metal connections with zero distortion.

Kunst is particularly keen to highlight “the constant travel speed and the accompanying high – and most importantly, reproducible – welding quality.” In addition, production times have also been significantly optimized.


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