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Perfect Welding

Manual Welding Quality and Precision in Manual Work

Challenge of Manual Welding

The welding system is the most important tool in metal working companies. MIG/MAG, TIG, electrode welding—welders need to master all of these processes in order to overcome the daily challenges. No matter whether it is in production or in assembly. 

No matter whether they are using steel, aluminum or stainless steel, welders use welding systems and welding torches to create individual components or complex constructions. This requires a wealth of know-how, and the right technology. The range of welding systems is just as diverse as the various applications: from small, portable manual metal arc welding systems, to divided MIG/MAG systems with separate wirefeeder and external cooling, right through to multiprocess machines that combine all welding processes in one solution.

Applications and Materials


  • Portal construction
  • Property construction
  • Stairs & railings
  • Fences
  • Vehicle fittings
  • Small parts and series production
  • Special models


  • Aluminum silicon
  • Aluminum magnesium
  • Unalloyed steel
  • Low-alloy steel
  • High-alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome-nickel steel
  • Copper

What Matters in Manual Welding?

Professional welders have high requirements for their systems: These include a stable arc for uninterrupted work, as well as easy and intuitive operation. The welding systems must also be robust and mobile, so that they can work at any time and in any location.

Fronius welding systems meet all of these criteria, and also offer further advantages that turn manual welding into a true experience: 

Protected operating area
Simple and intuitive menu navigation
Robust construction
Easy to use and operate
Stable arc even with long mains leads
The scope of functions and the system can be expanded
Varied range of wearing parts
Large range of accessories
Wide range of services for numerous applications

Manual Welding Systems for True Professionals

Welding torch & wear

Which welding torch is the right one?

The welding torch is the connection between the welding system and the component. Above all, it must be manageable and easy to operate—and that is why we develop our welding torches based on these precise criteria at Fronius.

We offer a wide range of welding torches for various tasks:

  • Gas or water-cooled
  • With or without wirefeeder
  • Various operating elements such as JobMaster or Up/Down Function

This means that we have just the right solution for any welding challenge.

MIG/MAG welding torch

TIG welding torch

Professional Service for Your Welding Systems

Do you have more orders to complete than you have welding systems available? Has one of your systems malfunctioned at short notice, meaning that you need a replacement urgently?

None of this is a problem: Fronius has a wide range of rental and lend devices for just such a situation. We are your responsive and reliable service partner for all services related to welding in metal working.

Read more about "Renting welding equipment instead of buying it? Here's why."

Renting instead of buying

Protective clothing for welders

Spending an entire day at the welding table is stressful. The UV radiation and the welding fumes are just some of the factors that can be dangerous if you do not have the right protection. The correct welding equipment makes the crucial difference in this area.
Read more about safety

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