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Perfect Welding

FACT Fronius & Academia Centre for Skill Training

Fronius & Academia Centre for Skill Training stands for:

Fast education
Become a welding expert within 45 days with the intensive schedule.
Direct connection with top employers
Get a direct connection to industry-leading employers.
Free of costs
Fronius India sponsors the entire program for selected students.

Get ready to improve your welding skills and take your welding expertise to new heights!

Join us for an exciting learning journey with our experienced welding professionals and state-of-the-art practical facilities.

The essence of our FACT program is to provide top-notch, hands-on welding training that prepares skilled welders for the entire manufacturing sector. In addition to welding skills, we also offer training in Cyber Security, IT, soft skills, and more, ensuring participants are well-prepared for a smooth transition into their professional careers.

The FACT program acts as a bridge, connecting classroom learning with real-world welding abilities. It combines hands-on training with advanced welding techniques, giving you the practical experience needed for success.

Join us and unleash your full potential in the world of welding!

Key features of the FACT program

Skill enhancement
Participants will engage in rigorous training (70-30 practical’s - theory) under the guidance of seasoned welding professionals, gaining proficiency in advanced welding techniques while honing comprehensive communication and digital skills.

Placement opportunities
We collaborate with companies across various industries and industry associations to facilitate job placements for participants.

Free of cost
Fronius India sponsors the entire program for eligible students selected through tests and interview assessment by our welding experts. 100% scholarships are extended to deserving participants.

Assessing potential
We explore the potential for a mutually beneficial program for welders, as required by our industry partners.

Hands-on experience
Students will apply the knowledge acquired during theory lectures through practical sessions covering various welding types.

Key highlights

Fronius, in collaboration with Academia, is pleased to announce an extended and comprehensive welding skill training program initiative. This program is meticulously designed to provide participants with a well-rounded understanding of welding techniques, blending theoretical knowledge with extensive hands-on practice.

Program duration and structure

The program spans a duration of 45 days, operating for 8 hours each day, six days a week. This intensive schedule ensures an immersive learning experience for participants. The curriculum is strategically balanced, with a focus on practical applications, constituting 70% of the training, complemented by 30% theoretical sessions.

Fronius certification

Fronius certification signifies mastery in advanced welding techniques. Our rigorous program blends hands-on practice with theoretical expertise, ensuring participants acquire a comprehensive skill set. Recognized on a Pan-India basis, Fronius certification validates a proficiency in gas metal arc welding (GMAW), enhancing career prospects.

Fronius assists for placement

Our placement assistance program goes beyond training, connecting certified individuals with industry-leading employers. We actively bridge the gap between skilled candidates and job opportunities, offering career guidance, resume building, and interview preparation. Elevate your career with Fronius, where success meets opportunity.

Learning with experts

Learning with experts is an educational experience that goes beyond traditional methods. We engage students with industry-leading professionals, gaining firsthand insights and practical knowledge. Our expert-led courses are offering a dynamic and enriching learning journey for individuals aspiring to excel in their fields.

Soft skill training

Our comprehensive soft skill training initiative is designed to enhance the holistic development of participants. Through interactive sessions, we focus on communication, teamwork, cybersecurity, and adaptability, fostering personal and professional growth.

Industry visits

Through guided tours and interactions with industry professionals, participants gain practical insights, witness processes in action, and forge connections. These visits foster a deeper understanding of industry dynamics, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for the college campus to professional landscape.

Basic to advance level

Our training curriculum seamlessly progresses from basic to advanced levels in welding, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey. Participants begin with fundamental concepts in MMAW, gradually advancing to complex theories and hands-on applications in GMAW. This structured approach equips them with a diverse skill set, empowering them to excel in their chosen welding field.

Selection process & eligibility criteria

Selection process

Three levels of selection process include written test, practical skill test and a viva-voce interview in their native language. We also look for the passion for the welding skills in the candidate during the selection process.

Eligibility criteria

Our eligibility criteria are designed to be inclusive, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of participants. Candidates should possess a minimum educational qualification ITI Trade as welder/fitter, diploma engineers in mechanical/electrical/production and metallurgy, with or without industry experience, or a demonstrated interest in the subject matter. We welcome individuals with a passion for learning and a commitment to professional growth in the field of welding.

Curious about FACT program?

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Program facilitator

Devendra Gope

+91 (73) 9109 5741
+91 (73) 9109 5741 tbcr.qriraqen@sebavhf.pbz

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