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SunSpec Rapid Shutdown

Customer choice with an open industry standard

Sunspec – the standard for customer choice

Fronius believes that the easiest and best plug-and-play solution for the National Electrical Code’s module-level shutdown requirement is based on an industry standard with Power Line Communication (PLC).

The SunSpec Certified program for Rapid Shutdown (RSD) verifies compliance to the “SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Functional Specification” to meet the requirement established by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Twenty-nine members of the SunSpec Alliance defined an open industry standard for communication between modules, inverters, string combiners, and other devices to support module level rapid shutdown requirements. This multi-vendor industry standard went through 34 iterations and was published in September of 2017.

Fronius Symo Advanced

The Symo Advanced with SunSpec Rapid Shutdown:

All Symo Advanced inverters have an integrated power line communication (PLC) transmitter based on the SunSpec Rapid Shutdown communication standard, and have attained UL-PVRSE certification. The inverter is also listed as a UL-PVRSS with APsystem’s RSD device (Rapid Shutdown). 

More about the Symo Advanced

The future is chip-based and module-integrated

For highest safety and reliability, we believe the shutdown function should be integrated into the module’s junction box. An integrated microchip would reduce the complexity of today’s rapid shutdown solutions, would limit the number of risky connection points, and would also reduce installation steps – simply “plug and play!”

Reach out to your module supplier to learn more about modules with SunSpec Rapid Shutdown.


For more information about SunSpec Rapid Shutdown visit SunSpec Alliance. 

SunSpec Alliance - Rapid Shutdown

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