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About us

Fronius wishes you a happy new year of 24

2024 is here and we wish all our customers, partners and fans of solar power a great start to the new year. We at Fronius are looking forward to this year with extra excitement – because in addition to our proven quality, 2024 has a lot of new and exciting things in store for you and for us.

The number 24 holds special importance at Fronius this year. We want to help as many people as possible to become energy self-sufficient in 2024 with our inverters – especially our future-ready Fronius GEN24. The Fronius GEN24 is both the heart of your PV system and an essential part of our vision of 24 hours of sun for everyone.

This stands for a future in which 100% of electricity for heating, cooling and e-mobility is generated solely from renewable energies. Fossil fuels should finally become a thing of the past. It’s an ambitious goal we will be devoting even more attention to over the next twelve months.

In 2023, more Fronius inverters were manufactured than ever before and around 1,900 of them are connected to the grid every day. This is already impressive – but with the help of the power of the sun, we will achieve even more in 2024. We’ve already taken the necessary steps in 2023: We increased our production capacity by a full two thirds through expanding our production area by 70% and doubling the number of our production lines.

This will enable us to produce significantly more inverters in 2024 – up to 70,000 per month – and to fulfill the dreams of even more people to generate their own electricity and achieve the energy independence that comes with that. 

We are producing at top speed. You can find all the facts and figures regarding our expansion here.



increased by almost 100%



by 70% from 41,000 m2 to 69,000 m2


by 65% per month from 32,000 inverters (end of 2022) to 52,000 inverters (end of 2023)


by 200%


doubling of the production lines


several hundred employees in 3-shift operation

24 hours of sun and electricity for your home

Would you also like to be part of our vision of 24 hours of sun? It couldn’t be any simpler: As a premium manufacturer, we offer you a customized solar power solution. Take the first big steps toward your personal energy independence and gain insight into the world of Fronius PV in 2024 by reading our blog and news articles, and then learn more from one of our many Fronius System Partners.

Already have a PV system? Then you already know that it often produces more energy on sunny days than your household can consume. And that’s a reason to be happy – because our range of solutions enable you to use this surplus energy as efficiently as possible. For one, you can convert the Fronius GEN24 inverter into a Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter without any additional hardware components by using our Fronius software upgrade.

In combination with a battery storage system, this enables self-generated solar power to be used even on cloudy days and at night. With Fronius Ohmpilot and Fronius Wattpilot, the surplus energy flows exactly where it’s needed: into the heating elements of your boiler or into the battery of your electric vehicle. The smart digital tools from Fronius visualize all energy flows and help you optimize your PV system to meet your individual needs.

2024 will be a very special year for us. How about you? Harness the power of the sun for yourself and achieve your own energy transition.
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