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98% autonomy from March to October

2019/09/16 / Austria, Neufelden
PV roof-top installation with BYD storage, heating water with Ohmpilot, Loxone Home Automation System, E-mobility and ÖkoFEN heating system


“My husband and I both work in the energy industry so it makes sense that we want to do everything we can to ensure that our house is as energy-efficient as possible. We can proudly claim to produce 98% of our own energy during the summer”, explains Miriam Gahleitner.



365 DAYS

The Gahleitner family has built a PV system that is significantly larger than they currently require for their consumption. Thanks to their storage system, solar-energy water heating and electricity generating ÖkoFEN heating system, their average yearly power production is 93% independent from the public grid.



Solar power during night

“The majority of the solar power that we produce during the day is stored. We only come home from work in the evening but we don’t want to feed the power into the grid. So the battery is ideal for us. The storage system means we can go the whole night without having to use power from the grid”, reports Martin Gahleitner.




With a system size of 7.8 kWp, the Gahleitner family have already thought about the future when planning the east-west PV systemand have made maximum use of the roof surface. Miriam Gahleitner is currently still charging her electric car using a 230-V domestic socket. But now there’s nothing to stop her installing a wallbox and supplying it with PV power.

Hot water using the Fronius Ohmpilot

The Gahleitner family is already heating its water with solar energy: namely, with the Fronius Ohmpilot. The result is that the couple can produce 98% of their power from March to October without needing to draw from the grid.




The Gahleitner family has integrated its pellet heating system into the energy system. This provides power even in the event of a blackout. The heating system can also store the energy in the BYD battery.

System data:

Size of installation 7.8 kWp
System type East-west roof-top installation
Inverters Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S
Storage BYD Battery Box H 11,5
Heating solution Fronius Ohmpilot
Energy flow management Loxone Home Automation System
Heating system ÖkoFEN Pellematic Condens_e
Special feature

93% autonomy – yearly average

98% autonomy from March to October

At a Glance:

East-west PV system with Fronius Symo Hybrid
Storage of solar power with the BYD Battery Box 
Electric car is charged with PV
Heating water with the Fronius Ohmpilot 
Electricity generating ÖkoFEN heating system 
Loxone Home Automation System

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