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Perfect Charging

4 ways to reduce the downtime of your forklift fleet


12/1/2020 / Wels
Downtimes in intralogistics reduce productivity and cause high costs. However, there are plenty of ways you can reduce them. Read more about how you can increase the availability of your fleet.

1. Less time lost when changing batteries

Batteries of electric industrial trucks are heavy - up to two tons depending on the model. When changing the battery the forklift cannot be used. It is also a  complex and time-consuming task. In order to make the battery changing more convenient, Fronius offers individual battery changing modules in its portfolio. These make the change process easier and faster for the users. In addition, our battery replacement solutions are extremely space saving. This helps you save valuable time and space when changing battery making your forklifts ready for use in no time. 

2. Balancing out the battery pool - intuitively to the coolest battery

Within a battery pool, uneven utilisation of the individual batteries is one of the greatest cost factors and, very often, has a negative impact on battery life. With the “Cool Battery Guide Easy”, Fronius offers an intelligent solution to overcome this issue: LED strips on the chargers intuitively guide the user to the longest fully charged and therefore coolest battery. Utilisation of the battery pool can be optimised and the service life of the batteries can be extended by up to 15%. Reduce your costs whilst benefiting from a prolonged battery life at the same time. 

3. Fast charging or intermediate charges now also for lead-acid batteries

When work load is high, there is usually less time available for charging the forklifts. The new Selectiva 4.0 chargers offer a new option for rapidly charging lead-acid batteries. With the Fronius Power Charging Option, you can either charge your lead-acid batteries faster as before, or you can use short break times for intermediate charging. You benefit from shorter charging times and more flexibility for managing additional peaks instead of changing the batteries. 

4. Reliable technology for maximum safety and availability

Robust, high-quality battery charging technology helps to reduce downtimes and ensures highest operational readiness of your forklifts. We therefore constantly focus on the high quality of our products: Every Selectiva charger needs to pass 13 different endurances tests in order to meet the specifications and to go beyond the industry standards. The test simulates all environmental influences and operating conditions that the device can also be confronted with in practice. Only when the chargers pass all the tests, it will be delivered to the customers. Fronius chargers therefore impress with a particularly low failure rate and a very high life expectancy. In addition, we grant a 5-year warranty for the Selectiva 4.0 upon registration.

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