The bigger the battery, the bigger the investment: the traction battery is a significant cost factor when purchasing a forklift truck system. However, the service life of the battery is crucial for the cost effectiveness of the overall three-part system (forklift truck, battery and charging technology). This is particularly noticeable if the battery is charged frequently. Due to the chemical reaction that takes place during charging, the temperature inside the battery increases – and the hotter it becomes, the quicker its service life diminishes.

Ri-Ladeprozess im Vergleich

Using the right charging technology plays a vital role in extending the service life of expensive batteries. The new Selectiva battery charging systems from Fronius feature the innovative Ri charging process. This does not follow a fixed characteristic; instead it adapts to the age, temperature and state of charge of the battery. Every single charging cycle is therefore unique and has its own characteristic, ensuring extremely gentle charging. In addition, the charging process can be extended over the entire available time period (for example overnight), reducing any harmful warming of the battery to a minimum. The cooler temperature during charging increases the service life of the battery, which in turn promises significantly lower operating costs.

Fronius battery charging systems offer flexible charging for batteries with voltages from 12 to 80 volts. Automatic voltage detection is also possible for 24, 48 and 80 volt batteries, which ensures the charging characteristic is always adapted to the connected battery. This prevents operating faults resulting from the incorrect assignment of the battery to the battery charging system and thus increases the service life of the traction batteries. The user can set up a stop phase using the calendar function to prevent any charging processes from being started. Opportunity charging, which is another negative actor on the service life of the battery, is thereby prevented.

The “Cool Battery Guide Easy” and “Cool Battery Guide Premium” information and management systems further enhance the user experience: a control unit shows the user which battery has been fully charged for the longest and is therefore the coolest. This optimises the utilisation of the battery pool and increases the service life of the batteries.

Fronius battery charging systems even provide maintenance instructions on the display, reminding the user to top up the water in good time. If the Aquamatic control option is installed, automatic water filling systems can be controlled. All this helps the forklift truck operator to keep the batteries in the best condition possible, thereby ensuring an extended service life and increased capacity.

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