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Perfect Charging

5 tips to reduce energy costs


3/27/2022 / Wels
Many companies are suffering from enormous increases in energy costs. The strong energy price increase in combination with the already high inflation is directly affecting the industry. Read here how you can reduce your ongoing energy costs through intelligent charging solutions.
Five Energy Saving Tips

Tip 1 – Use energy-efficient charging technology

When purchasing new chargers, pay attention to their energy efficiency. Our Selectiva 4.0 chargers, for example, offer the possibility of charging lead-acid batteries particularly gently and cost-efficiently thanks to the unique Ri charging process. Each charging process is adjusted to the needs of the battery and only the energy that is actually required is supplied. Overcharging of batteries and a resulting energy loss is significantly reduced. Compared to conventional chargers, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

Tip 2 – Take advantage of lower electricity rates

The use of cheaper electricity rates offers great potential for savings. In many cases, however, these depend on the time and day of the week: At peak times, costs can be significantly higher. This is where the calendar function of our battery chargers comes into play.

To take advantage of lower electricity prices you can schedule charging to start at a defined time (e.g. at night) or on a specific day at the weekend. In this case charging won’t start until Sunday evening, for example, even if the batteries are connected on Friday at the end of the shift.

Benefit from the fact that your battery charging technology works on a time-controlled basis and take advantage of favourable electricity rates.

Tip 3 – Time the charging start well

Timing the power consumption of your battery chargers can help to avoid expensive power peaks. The calendar function provides the possibility to delay the start of charging. By using this function, fleet managers can start the charging process in individual charging stations or rooms at intervals of 15 minutes, for instance. This prevents an increase in power demand at the start of the charging process and avoids peaks in the power grid.

Tip 4 - Identify savings potential

Calculate now how many kilowatt hours you can save annually by switching to an energy-efficient charger. Simply use our calculation tool - the I-SPoT Calculator Smart. No registration is necessary and it is very easy to use. Simply enter some key data of your forklift fleet and the software will determine the most suitable Selectiva 4.0 charger as well as the energy saving potential compared to 50Hz or HF technology.

Tip 5 – Make use of an energy analysis

What measures have you already implemented? Our experts will be pleased to show you further optimisation possibilities for reducing your energy consumption. To do this, we analyse your situation technology independent and calculate which savings can still be achieved. You will be surprised which potentials can still be revealed.

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