Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Greater efficiency, new levels of transparency

Digital networking is taking great leaps forward in intralogistics, including in the operation of electric forklift trucks. In Charge & Connect, Fronius Perfect Charging offers a software solution that networks the charging infrastructure and enables industrially secure data transfer in real time. Users benefit from greater transparency and control of the entire charging infrastructure, giving them the power to boost the efficiency of their intralogistics.
Man using Charge & Connect to monitor the performance of the charging infrastructure.

Monitoring and managing the processes involved in charging traction batteries poses a challenge for many forklift truck operators. They often lack an overview of truck availability and current power consumption, particularly in the case of large fleets. Charge & Connect is the intelligent solution from Fronius: networking Selectiva battery chargers makes it possible to log and analyse all the relevant charging data and visualise it in a clearly arranged dashboard. The result? A range of options for users to boost intralogistics performance and reduce costs.

Cross-location, central overview

Charge & Connect displays information such as the state of charge of the connected batteries, energy consumption and the battery charger status. The user benefits from a central overview across several locations and can see where charging processes can be improved. Extensive analysis functions make it possible to find and rectify operating and application errors.

Real-time status monitoring

This software solution from Fronius Perfect Charging also helps operators to reduce downtime among their forklift truck fleets. For instance, if the charging infrastructure develops an error or fault, Charge & Connect will automatically send a push notification to the contact saved in the system. A detailed description of the error including step-by-step instructions on how to rectify it mean problems can be addressed before they result in expensive downtime or lifecycle costs.

Sustainable cost optimisation

The system also collates statistics that can be opened and viewed at any time, providing added benefits. Data from the networked charging infrastructure is analysed in the system and presented in an informative way. The statistics can be used to see whether the ideal number of traction batteries is being used, whether potential savings could be made, etc. The long-term view showing battery charger performance also helps to ascertain whether and when expensive load peaks occur. This data can be used to introduce optimisation steps and reduce energy costs.


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