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Perfect Charging

Charging batteries outdoors quickly and easily - “We solve problems with capacity constraints, increasing space requirements and fire protection obligations”


5/17/2023 / Wels
Why is it sometimes better to charge the traction batteries of electrically powered forklift trucks outside the warehouse? Gerald Baumgartner, who is responsible for developing the outdoor charging solutions at Fronius Perfect Charging, explains all.
The outdoor charging solution from Fronius can also be combined with a photovoltaic system and inverters on request to reduce energy costs even further.

Mr Baumgartner, why has Fronius Perfect Charging developed charging solutions for outdoor use?

With our outdoor charging solution portfolio, we are giving our customers the ability to create mobile and flexible charging spaces outside of the warehouse. This gives them a quick and easy way of expanding their available storage space to prevent capacity bottlenecks or to accommodate short-term spikes.  

Why did Fronius decide to develop an outdoor charging station?

The requirements of operators of electric forklift trucks have changed, and we wanted to respond to this new reality with our outdoor solutions. Customers are currently being faced with a perfect storm of available space becoming expensive and scarce just as operators of warehouses and production halls are frequently reaching their limits.  The requirements for the charging infrastructure are also increasing – whether for mixed fleets, manual and automated applications or stricter normative and safety-related regulations, all of which often means that there is insufficient space available for the charging technology. Since expanding an existing building is often a lengthy process (official permits, construction time, etc.), operators are looking for solutions that can be implemented in the short term. A further consideration is that many companies have switched from diesel-powered to electric-powered forklift trucks. As a consequence, outdoor filling stations for diesel forklifts need to be replaced by charging stations. As indoor space had not been needed for this until now, the search for space inside the warehouse where the future charging infrastructure could be accommodated now has to begin in earnest. Furthermore, the increasing proportion of lithium-ion batteries is bringing new safety aspects that must be taken into account when charging batteries inside buildings. We can help solve these challenges with our outdoor charging options.  

What are the advantages of outdoor charging for the operators of electrically powered forklift trucks?

A major advantage of outdoor charging solutions in general is that the operators of vehicle fleets can quickly and easily expand their charging facilities when indoor space is short. Our systems are also mobile and flexible, regardless of whether they are for charging lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries.   

What does this look like on the ground for the customer? Are the systems customized?

Our systems and solutions are designed in such a way that we can quickly offer the customer a possible turnkey solution. Customer-specific requirements can also be accommodated.  The implementation time is always important to us. Our solutions are equipped with an exhaust air system, a heater and a monitoring system as standard. Fire protection class REI90 is also possible with the Energy Hub. It is always important to us in the customer relationship that the customer can envision what their solution will look like when finished, which is why we provide the customer with a 2D plan for every project.  

What requirements must be met by the customer?

Through us, the customer is able to obtain everything they need from a single source. Only a power connection and a suitable foundation need to be provided on site. We can therefore supply our customers with a turnkey, all-round carefree package.  

Can the solution also be retrofitted and combined with existing components?

Yes, this is also a big advantage of our portfolio – both indoors and outdoors. The systems are so flexible and expandable that we can adapt them to the new challenges of our customers at any time. In doing so, we are consistently pursuing the goal of developing sustainable concepts and offering products that are both long-lasting and pioneering.  

What about safety?

All our products are tested to comply with safety regulations and the applicable standards. This ensures maximum protection for the environment and for the buildings of our customers.  

And finally, a very important aspect: the power consumption.How can the customer benefit here?

Thanks to the charging infrastructure, our customers have the opportunity to sustainably reduce their ongoing operating costs as well as their energy costs. An optimised design of the battery pool, particularly cool and gentle charging with the innovative Fronius charging technology and the use of intelligent battery sensor systems are just three examples of how Fronius expertise can make customers even more competitive and effective on the market. Our customers can enjoy the advantage of maximum availability of the forklift trucks with high energy and cost efficiency during ongoing operation.


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