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Perfect Charging

Power Charging: More power and greater flexibility


10/1/2020 / Wels

Fronius offers gentle rapid and opportunity charging for lead-acid batteries with Selectiva battery chargers

In many companies, business is booming again after the lockdown. For operators of electric forklift trucks this means longer operating times and shorter charging times for traction batteries. Thanks to the Power Charging option, the low charge level of lead-acid batteries can now be increased in a short time by means of rapid or opportunity charging.

During peak activity, traction batteries for forklift trucks are needed for long periods and charging times are short. The Fronius Power Charging option can help thanks to gentle rapid and opportunity charging.

The current situation is challenging companies in a variety of ways. For many of them, the lockdown has been followed by high levels of activity. Flexibility is critical, as usage and charging times change at short notice. This presents users of lead-acid batteries with particular difficulties, as they usually take around eight hours to charge. Back-up batteries, including the requisite infrastructure, are associated with high procurement costs and an extra workload in day-to-day operations.

Opportunity charging made easy

The new Selectiva 4.0 generation of chargers from Fronius provides an innovative solution for charging lead-acid batteries in extra-quick time: using the Power Charging option the state of charge can be boosted from 30 percent to 80 percent in under three hours. This allows temporary utilisation peaks or a change to multi-shift operation to be effected without further ado and with no need for additional manual input.

Selectiva 4.0 2kW in a battery charging station

Increased efficiency and flexibility

The time available between shifts when batteries can be charged is frequently limited. The Power Charging option is a solution for the easy and efficient opportunity charging of lead-acid batteries. For example, a work break will often be enough to top up a traction battery using opportunity charging. This avoids the battery having to be changed shortly before the end of a shift. Just 30 minutes charging is enough to get up to two additional running hours out of a forklift.

Rapid, safe charging without risk of overheating

The system is monitored by a temperature sensor ensuring rapid, safe charging with no risk of overheating. The Power Charging option lets users enjoy maximum availability of their forklift fleet while rationalising costs. Selectiva battery chargers can be used to charge lead-acid batteries of different sizes, voltages and capacities, helping to simplify assignment and reduce the potential for user error.

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