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Perfect Charging

Quickly ready for use again after a shutdown


7/17/2020 / Wels
Long idle times – for example during a shutdown – can have a detrimental impact, including the deep discharge of traction batteries in electric forklift trucks. Fronius Perfect Charging offers intelligent charging solutions for these challenging times.

Lead-acid batteries, such as those used to power electric forklift trucks in intralogistics, are meant to be used on a regular basis. If they remain unused for any length of time – for example during a shutdown – they may suffer a permanent loss of capacity. A deep discharge occurs when the residual capacity falls below 20 percent. This can damage the battery or even render it unusable. Unfortunately, many operators are completely unaware that this has happened until they try to restart their production lines or logistics systems. The consequences are the high costs and time wasted in purchasing new batteries or regenerating batteries from a deep discharge state.  

Selectiva battery chargers from Fronius Perfect Charging have their own conservation charge, which continuously supplies the connected battery with power. The harmful sulphation caused by a deep discharge is thus reliably prevented. The batteries are ready to use immediately, even if they have been out of action for a long time.  

In addition, the Selectiva devices offer a special refresh characteristic to deal with a deep discharge. This characteristic can be easily set on the charger itself and significantly improves the capacity and performance of the battery. A clear advantage over other battery chargers, which often fail when batteries are in a deep discharge state, as the battery voltage is too low and can no longer be detected.  

The automatic voltage detection feature of the Selectiva battery chargers also enables different batteries to be charged individually, more or less regardless of their state of charge. This means that forklift truck operators can totally depend on the readiness of their traction batteries, even after extended downtimes.

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